Topic-wise solved MCQs for:
Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA Economics)

1. An Introduction to Political Science

2. Applied Theory of Markets

3. Computer Applications for Economic Analysis

4. Computer Applications in Economics

5. Economics of Business and Finance

6. Environmental Economics

7. Gender Economics

8. Health Economics

9. History of Economic Thought

10. History of Economics Thought

11. Indian Constitution and Politics

12. Indian Constitution And Politics 1

13. Indian Constitution And Politics 2

14. Indian Economy

15. Int. Macro Economics

16. Intermediate Micro Economics 1

17. International Economics

18. International Economy

19. Introduction to Econometrics

20. Introduction to Political Science and Governmental Structures and Processes

21. Kerala Economy

22. Macro Economics 1

23. Macro Economics 2

24. Mathematical Economics

25. Mathematical Economics and Econometrics

26. Mathematical Tools for Economics 1

27. Mathematical Tools for Economics 2

28. Mathematics for Economic Analysis

29. Mathematics for Economic Analysis 1

30. Micro Economics 1

31. Micro economics 2

32. Micro Economics analysis

33. Micro Finance

34. Modern Banking

35. Modern Banking and Insurance

36. Modern Indian History (1857 to the present)

37. Political and Economical Development of India

38. Political Ideas, Concepts and Ideologies

39. Principles of Micro Economics

40. Public Economics

41. Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis 1

42. Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis 2

43. The Political Economy of Development and Planing

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