Chapter: Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe’s parents wanted him to become :-

A. A doctor
B. A teacher
C. A lawyer
D. A sailor
Answer» C. A lawyer

Crusoe is able to survive on the island for :-

A. 25 years
B. 28 years
C. 30 years
D. 32 years
Answer» B. 28 years

Crusoe saves Friday on his :-

A. 20th year on the island
B. 23rd year on the island
C. 25th year on the island
D. 30th year on the island
Answer» C. 25th year on the island

Crusoe teaches Friday to eat:-

A. Fruits
B. Cooked food
C. Animal flesh
D. Sea food
Answer» C. Animal flesh

Crusoe is a man at peace with :-

A. Himself
B. Those around him
C. Cannibals
D. Nature
Answer» D. Nature

The novel Robinson Crusoe is set in the :-

A. 16th century
B. 17th century
C. 18th century
D. 19th century
Answer» B. 17th century

The English mutineers who landed on Crusoe’s island are just as dangerous to him as :-

A. Any wild animal
B. Any shark
C. Any native
D. Any cannibal
Answer» D. Any cannibal

Crusoe was born in

A. Brazil
B. City of York
C. London
D. New York
Answer» B. City of York

Crusoe's father wanted him to be

A. a soldier
B. a businessman
C. a lawyer
D. a teacher
Answer» C. a lawyer

What according to Crusoe pushed him on?

A. his friends
B. his parents
C. his hobby
D. his ill fate
Answer» D. his ill fate

Crusoe made an oven out of

A. clay
B. wood
C. stones
D. iron
Answer» A. clay

Crusoe was born in the year

A. 1632
B. 1633
C. 1634
D. 1635
Answer» A. 1632

Crusoe was rescued by

A. a pirate ship
B. a Spanish ship
C. a Turkish ship
D. a Portuguese ship
Answer» D. a Portuguese ship

Robinson Crusoe serves as a slave for two years in

A. Brazil
B. Morocco
C. America
D. Spain
Answer» B. Morocco

Crusoe named the savage Friday to commemorate the day

A. he saved the savage’s life
B. he found footprints
C. he landed on the island
D. he left the island
Answer» A. he saved the savage’s life

The cross that Crusoe erects on the island serves as a

A. religious icon
B. compass
C. calendar
D. scarecrow
Answer» C. calendar

In the first entry of his journal Crusoe called the island

A. island of hope
B. island of fear
C. horrid island
D. island of despair
Answer» B. island of fear

When Crusoe revisited the island he was pleased to see how the ________ established a successful colony with the English mutineers.

A. Spaniards
B. Portuguese captain
C. Cannibals
D. Caribbean natives
Answer» D. Caribbean natives

Crusoe’s father wishes his son to go into which profession?

A. Law
B. Medicine
C. Business
D. Farming
Answer» A. Law

How does Crusoe impress the natives on the African coast?

A. Showing them his watch
B. Killing a leopard
C. Giving them run
D. Sailing the boat in circles
Answer» D. Sailing the boat in circles

In Europe Crusoe encounters ravenous wolves in which country?

A. England
B. Africa
C. Spain
D. Belgium
Answer» B. Africa

Crusoe names the servant Friday in honour of what?

A. Good Friday
B. The day on which the native life was saved
C. The last work day before the weekend
D. The day on which Crusoe life was saved
Answer» C. The last work day before the weekend

When Crusoe departs on his second voyage, with whom does he leave some of his money?

A. A London merchant
B. His sister
C. A widow friend
D. His father
Answer» B. His sister

According to Crusoe’s father, peace of mind and prosperity attended upon a _______ in life

A. upper station
B. lower station
C. middle station
D. upper-middle station
Answer» C. middle station

Without asking God’s blessing, nor of his father’s consent, Crusoe boarded a ship bound for London on

A. September 1, 1651
B. September 1, 1659
C. September 30, 1651
D. September 30, 1659
Answer» B. September 1, 1659
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