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chapter:   Untouchable

1. Who is the Protagonist in ‘Untouchable’?

a. Lakha

B. Bakha

c. Col. Hutchinson

d. Sohini

2. Why does Bakha have a high regard for European Clothing?

a. He believes it will help disguise his untouchability

B. It is more affordable then Indian clothing

c. He is too tall for Indian Clothing

d. He thinks wearing it will make him a sahib.

3. Who is Waziro in ‘ Untouchable’?

a. The weaver’s wife

B. Chhota’s mother

c. Gulabo’s sister

d. The leather maker’s wife

4. Bakha describes Ramanandas

a. A peevish old black moneylender

B. A slave driver

c. A day dreamer

d. A high class latrine cleaner

5. Who helps Sohini fill her water buckets?

a. A sepoy

B. A priest of the temple

c. A sahib

d. A hindu water carrier

6. Why does Gulabo hate Sohini

a. Because she broke her son’s heart

B. Because she is jealous of Sohini’s beauty

c. Because Sohini is smart and rude towards her

d. Because sohini is of a higher class than her

7. What kind of gift did Bakha beg from the Tommy?

a. A pair of trousers

B. An old uniform

c. A cricket bat

d. Money

8. Who was Lakha afraid of ?

a. The Pundits

B. The Sepoys

c. The tax collectors

d. Bakha

9. What kind of power did the burning flame give Bakha?

a. Power to forgive

B. Power to create

c. Power to take revenge

d. Power to destroy

10. Why does Gulabo hate Sohini?

a. Sohini is always rude to her

B. Sohini broke her son’s heart

c. She was jealous of her beauty

d. She was helped by the pandit

11. Bakha is encouraged to convert to Christianity by

a. Colonel Hutchinson

B. Mary Hutchinson

c. Charat Singh

d. Mahatma Gandhi

12. Bakha’s friends nicknamed him

a. Pilpali Sahib

B. Bakshish

c. Bara Babu

d. Kala Babu

13. When Bakha carried the injured boy to his mother she

a. thanked him

B. shouted at him for polluting the boy

c. invited him for tea

d. gave him sweets

14. Bakha would sacrifice many comforts for the sake of what he called ‘fashun’to look like a

a. Sahib

B. Mohamedan

c. Hindu

d. Brahmin

15. Lakha told his son that schools were meant not for sweepers but only for

a. the babus

B. the tommies

c. the rich

d. the middle class

16. Mahatma Gandhi addressed a large crowd at ‘maidan’ situated near the railwaystation of

a. Balaghat town

B. Bulandshahr town

c. Balangir town

d. Gadarpur town

17. Liberation of untouchability as overheard by Bakha was possible through

a. abolition of caste system

B. introduction of flush system

c. gender equality

d. changing of profession

18. While cleaning the temple courtyard Sohini was sexually assaulted by the priestnamed

a. Charat Singh

B. Kali Nath

c. Ram Charan

d. Lakha

19. Bakha is encouraged to convert to Christianity by

a. Ramcharan

B. Havildar Charat Singh

c. Colonel Hutchinson

d. The Burra Babu’s son

20. Bakha’s friends nicknamed him as

a. Burra Babu

B. Pilpali Sahib

c. Bakshish

d. Master

21. According to Bakha, the solution to the problem of untouchability is

a. conversion to Christianity

B. practice of equality

c. the flush system

d. all of the above

22. _______________ poured water into Sohini’s pitcher.

a. the Mohammedan

B. Gulabo

c. Pundit Kali Nath

d. the Tonga Wallah

23. Who is Waziro?

a. Gulabo’s sister

B. The woman at the market

c. The weaver’s wife

d. Bakha’s mother

24. Gulabo, the washerwoman is jealous of Sohini because she is

a. smart

B. helped by the Pundit

c. beautiful

d. Lakha’s daughter

25. What is the name of Bakha's Town?

a. Bulashah

B. Pune

c. Calcutta

d. Maharastra


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