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chapter:   Gender and Women Problems

176. The Criminal Law Amendment Act has provided for punishment of the following offences:

a. Rape, stalking and sexual harassment

B. Acid attack and voyeurism

c. Both (a) and (b)

d. None of the above

177. Which section of the IPC deals with word, gesture or act intended to insult themodesty of a woman?

a. Section 498 A

B. Section 499

c. Section 503

d. Section 509

178. Domestic Violence includes all except

a. stalking

B. date rape

c. marital rape

d. intimate partner violence

179. The unlawful attempt or threat to inflict immediate harm or death is referred to as:

a. mayhem

B. assault

c. robbery

d. battery

180. Asportation means

a. breathing

B. carrying away

c. intimidation

d. intention

181. Workplace violence is sometimes referred to as:

a. Monday morning after rage

B. Thrash can blues

c. Desk rage

d. Trash can rage

182. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), there are two types of legally defined sexual harassment, quid pro quo harassment and

a. Hostile environment harassment

B. Sexual favour harassment

c. Pleasure environment harassment

d. Exchange favour harassment

183. Which scheme promotes community participation through involvement of studentvolunteers for empowerment of rural women?

a. She-Box Portal

B. Nand Ghar Yojana

c. eSamvad Portal

d. Pradhan Mantri Mahila Shakti Kendra scheme

184. Which type of sexual harassment normally involves a person who acts as a supervisor to other employees asking them to do sexual favours for them in exchange for some type of employment benefit?

a. Pleasure environment harassment

B. Hostile environment harassment

c. Quid pro quo sexual harassment

d. None of the above

185. The 72nd and 73rd Amendment Acts have provided 33 percent reservation of seats for whom in the local bodies?

a. women

B. teachers

c. graduates

d. None of the above

186. Which of the following schemes aims to provide speedier remedy to a woman facing sexual harassment at workplace?

a. Nari Web Portal

B. She-Box Portal

c. Mahila E-haat

d. None of the above

187. Which of the following provides a platform for NGOs and civil society to interact with the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development on relevant subjects?

a. eSamvad portal

B. Mahila E-haat

c. Nari Web portal


188. Domestic violence involves

a. Physical violence only

B. Mental violence only

c. Violence inside the house

d. All of the above

189. Which scheme encourages parents of a girl child to create a savings account in order to provide fund for their future education and marriage expenses?


B. Swadhar Greh

c. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

d. None of the above

190. Which of the following aims to spread information about schemes and benefitsprovided by the government to women:

a. Mahila E-haat

B. She-Box portal

c. One stop centre

d. Nari Web Portal

191. Which of the following Acts are included in the definition of rape according to 2003Act?

a. Non-consensual anal penetration

B. Non-consensual vaginal penetration

c. Non-consensual oral penetration

d. All of the above

192. Which type of rapist is the most common?

a. Power-assertive

B. Anger-excitement

c. Anger-retaliatory

d. Power-assurance

193. Different strategies have been used in the women’s movement to

a. Spread awareness

B. Seek justice

c. Fight discrimination

d. All of the above

194. A pregnant woman employee is entitled to get paid maternity leave for :

a. 6 weeks

B. 10 weeks

c. 26 weeks

d. 16 weeks

195. When was Sexual Harassment of Women Employees at the Workplace Act passed?

a. 2007

B. 2001

c. 1995

d. 2013

196. As per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act which of the following is not termed as sexual harassment?

a. A demand or request for a sexual favour

B. Sexually coloured remarks

c. Bad physical contact

d. Meeting in the cabin of the office

197. When was the National Mission for empowerment of women launched by the government of India?

a. 2011

B. 2015

c. 2010

d. 2013

198. Which Five Year Plan declared the Empowerment of women as one of the Nine primary objectives and the transfer of control of social infrastructure in the public sphere to women’s groups as a strategy of the plan?

a. Ninth plan

B. Tenth plan

c. Eleventh plan

d. Twelfth plan

199. Which scheme ensures safe delivery and good nutrition for mothers having their first child by providing cash incentives?

a. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

B. Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche scheme

c. Swadhar Greh scheme

d. Pradhan Mantri Mantru Vandana Yojona(PMMVY)


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