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1. How many nations signed on the declaration of the UNO ?

a. 52

B. 51

c. 64

d. 61

2. The UNO was established on

a. 21 March, 1945

B. 26 May, 1945

c. 20 April, 1945

d. 24 April, 1945

3. How many chapters are in the UNO Charter ?

a. 19

B. 18

c. 17

d. 16

4. How many members are in Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) ?

a. 21

B. 32

c. 54

d. 46

5. How many Articles are in UNO charter ?

a. 98

B. 111

c. 102

d. 120

6. The name ‘United Nations’ was devised by

a. Franklin D. Roosevelt

B. Winston Churchill

c. Harry Truman

d. Stalin

7. The number of Judges of International Court of Justice (ICJ) is

a. 15

B. 18

c. 16

d. 19

8. What is the tenure of the Judges of ICJ ?

a. 6

B. 7

c. 8

d. 9

9. The number of members of Security Council is

a. 14

B. 15

c. 16

d. 17

10. When United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) was established?

a. 4 December, 1945

B. 4 January , 1945

c. 4 November, 1945

d. 4 March, 1945

11. When the charter of Human Rights was accepted by the UNO ?

a. 1945

B. 1946

c. 1947

d. 1948

12. Who is responsible to enforce the decision of ICJ ?

a. General Assembly

B. General Secretary

c. Security Council

d. Secretariat

13. The headquarters of ICJ is at

a. Hague

B. Washington

c. Paris

d. London

14. Which organ of the UNO decide to economic ban against guilty nation ?

a. General Assembly

B. Security Council

c. Secretariat

d. Secretary General

15. International Labour Organization (ILO) predates the UNO, and wasestablished in

a. 1945

B. 1935

c. 1925

d. 1919

16. The Leaque of Nations was the brainchild of

a. Robert H. Jackson

B. Paul H. Appleby

c. Woodrow Wilson

d. Henry Fayol

17. When the Leaque of Nations was established ?

a. 26 February, 1919

B. 10 January, 1920

c. 14 March, 1920

d. 18 April, 1919

18. As its peak, the membership of the Leaque of Nations totalled

a. 59

B. 58

c. 57

d. 56

19. Which Article lays down the provision for membership of the Leaque ofNations ?

a. 1

B. 2

c. 3

d. 4

20. Where UNO was established ?

a. Yalta

B. Geneva

c. New York

d. San Francisco

21. The only member of the UNO to have been expelled was

a. Japan

B. Taiwan

c. Iran

d. Kuwait

22. The only case of withdrawal of membership from UNO was

a. Thailand

B. Cuba

c. Indonesia

d. Honduras

23. Till July,2011, the membership of the UNO rose to

a. 193

B. 194

c. 195

d. 196

24. Which organ is called the “Town meeting of the World” ?

a. Security Council

B. Secreteriat

c. ICJ

d. General Assembly

25. The non-permanent members of the Security Council are elected for aterms of

a. Two Years

B. Three Years

c. Four Years

d. Five Years

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