Administrative Theory solved MCQs

226. ‘Public Administration: A Comparative Perspective’ was written by

a. F. W. Riggs

B. Ferrel Heady

c. Dwight Waldo

227. The Bazaar- Canteen model is associated with

a. Economy

B. Administration

c. Politics

228. F.W. Riggs describes functionally specific societies as

a. Fused

B. Prismatic

c. Diffracted

229. The word ‘Sala’ in Sala model of F.W. Riggs is derived from a

a. Greek Word

B. Spanish Word

c. Latin Word

230. How many analytical tools were employed by Riggs to explain his administrativetheories?

a. Two

B. Three

c. Four

231. F.W. Riggs termed the economic sub-system of a Prismatic society as

a. Bazaar-Canteen

B. Clects

c. Sala

232. A society which relies on agriculture as its main source of income is a

a. Fused Society

B. Prismatic Society

c. Diffracted Society

233. F.W. Riggs has termed the functionally diffused societies as

a. Diffracted

B. Prismatic

c. Fused

234. How many functions are performed in each society according to F.W. Riggs?

a. Four

B. Five

c. Six

235. Who written the book ‘Administration in Developing Countries: Theory of PrismaticSociety’?

a. Elton Mayo

B. J.M. Gaus

c. F.W. Riggs

236. According to F.W. Riggs, which of the following is not an element of the overlappingfeature of the Prismatic Society?

a. Poly communalism

B. Nepotism

c. Formalism

237. Which one of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?

a. Fused Society-Selectivism

B. Fused Society-Ascription

c. Diffracted Society-Functional Specificity

238. F.W. Riggs describes ‘Sala Model’ as

a. Economic Sub-system

B. Administrative Sub-system

c. None of the Above

239. According to F.W. Riggs, which of the following is the feature of Diffracted society?

a. Universalism

B. Selectivism

c. Particularism

240. According to F.W. Riggs, which of the following is the feature of Fused society?

a. Attainment

B. Achievement

c. Ascription

241. Which of the following is the Transitional society according to F.W. Riggs?

a. Diffracted Society

B. Prismatic Society

c. Fused Society

242. F.W. Riggs Agrarian model is based on which country

a. Imperial China

B. U.S.A

c. Japan

243. Which of the statement of F.W. Riggs is correct?

a. Ascriptive values is the feature of Industria societies

B. Transitional societies having the attributes of only Agraria societies

c. All societies move from Agraria to Industria stage

244. In Sala model, which factor plays a dominant role in appointments to variousadministrative posts?

a. Nepotism

B. Merit

c. Administrative Capability

245. F.W. Rigss was born in

a. 1918

B. 1917

c. 1919

246. Comparative Public Administration emphasizes on

a. Generalization

B. Ecological factors

c. Both a) & b)

247. Which of the following is not a point of significance of Comparative PublicAdministration?

a. It has widened the scope of Public Administration

B. It promotes narrow regional outlook

c. It has brought politics and administration closer to each other

248. The agrarian-industria model of Riggs is based on

a. Ecological Approach

B. Behavioural Approach

c. Structural Funcional Approach

249. “Public administration is influenced by external environment". This approach is relatedwith

a. Classical Approach

B. Human Relation Approach

c. Ecological Approach

250. Comparative Public Administration is

a. Cross-cultural

B. Culture-bound

c. Convention-oriented


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