Jurisprudence solved MCQs

1. Antoyodaya jurisprudence also means

a. Anti-poor jurisprudence

B. Anti-government jurisprudence

c. Pro-poor jurisprudence

d. D. Pro- government Jurisprudence

2. Corporations are of two kinds

a. Corporate Aggregate and Corporate Binding

B. Corporate Dual and Corporate individual

c. Corporate aggregate and Corporate Sole

d. Corporate Solicitor and Corporate Sovereign

3. As per Analytical Jurisprudence, Sanction means

a. acquiescence

B. punishment

c. agreement

d. permission

4. Who introduced the concept of Pure theory of Law?

a. Holland

B. Salmond

c. Austin

d. Hans Kelson

5. “Prudentia”, means_____.

a. Skill

B. Knowledge

c. Skill or knowledge

d. Wise

6. ____defined jurisprudence as ‘the formal science of positive law’

a. Holland

B. Austin

c. Salmond

d. Allen

7. ______rights are recognised and enforced at law.

a. Legal

B. Moral

c. Natural

d. Ethical

8. The judicature Act of 1873 did not abolish_____, but abolish rules of itsconflict.

a. Law

B. Equity

c. Law or equity

d. Law and equity

9. Personal rights are______.

a. Inheritable

B. Uninheritable

c. Inheritable or uninheritable

d. Neither inheritable or uninheritable


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