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1. Which place is called as "Silicon Valley" of India?

a. Delhi

B. Pune

c. Bengaluru

d. Hyderabad

2. Where is the Forest Research Institute of India located?

a. Dehradun

B. Delhi

c. Lucknow

d. Bhopal

3. The percentage of India's forested land out of total land is –

a. 30%

B. 25%

c. less than 25%

d. 33%

4. Green Revolution in India has so far been most successful in case of–

a. sugarcane

B. coarse grains

c. wheat

d. rice

5. The largest irrigated area in India is occupied by –

a. Sugarcane

B. Rice

c. Cotton

d. Wheat

6. India is the largest producer of –

a. cotton

B. rice

c. mica

d. tea

7. Sardar Sarovar dam is being built on the river –

a. Tapti

B. Mahi

c. Chambal

d. Narmada

8. In which part of India, canal irrigation system is the most common?

a. Tamil Nadu

B. Maharashtra

c. Sikkim

d. Uttar Pradesh

9. Hirakud Dam has been constructed across the river –

a. Ganga

B. Mahanadi

c. Kaveri

d. Brahmaputra

10. The originating point of river godavri is –

a. Nasik

B. Pune

c. Mumbai

d. Sholapur

11. Sivasamudra is an island formed by the river –

a. Ganga

B. Godavari

c. Krishna

d. Cauvery

12. Nasik is situated on the bank of the river –

a. Mahanadi

B. Tapti

c. Krishna

d. Godavari

13. Which of the following states in known as the traditional region for Tank Irrigation?

a. Assam

B. Gujarat

c. Tamil Nadu

d. Orrisa

14. Which state of India has made rain water harvesting compulsory for all houses?

a. Haryana

B. Maharashtra

c. Tamil Nadu

d. Punjab

15. In India, maximum area under jute is found in –

a. Assam

B. Bihar

c. Orissa

d. West Bengal

16. 'Yellow Revolution' is associated with the production of –

a. Poultry

B. Gold

c. Sunflower

d. Oil seeds

17. Which one of the following is used in large quantities in Cement Industry?

a. Gypsum

B. Limestone

c. Coal

d. Clay

18. The Bhilai Steel Plant has been established with the assistance of –

a. U.K.

B. U.S.A.

c. Russia

d. Germany

19. The monazite sands on the Kerala coasts, used for generating nuclear energy contain –

a. platinum

B. copper

c. uranium

d. bauxite

20. Which part of the Himalayas has the maximum stretch from east to West?

a. Kumaun Himalayas

B. Assam Himalayas

c. Punjab Himalayas

d. Nepal Himalayas

21. The standard time of a country differs from the GMT in multiples of—

a. Two hours

B. One hour

c. Half hour

d. Four minutes

22. Majuli, the largest river island in the world, lies in the state of –

a. Arunachal Pradesh

B. Assam

c. Tripura

d. Mizoram

23. The Thar Express goes to –

a. Afghanistan

B. Bangladesh

c. Pakistan

d. Myanmar

24. Who prepares the topographical maps of India?

a. Geological Survey of India

B. Survey of India

c. Defence Ministry

d. Geographical Survey of India

25. The mountains which are not a part of the Himalayan chain:

a. Aravalli

B. Kunlun

c. Karakoram

d. Hindukush


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