Indian History solved MCQs

chapter:   Medieval History

176. Who was the first Mughal ruler in India?

a. Akbar

B. Babar

c. Humanyun

d. Jahangir

177. Fatehpur Sikri was built by

a. Shahjahan

B. Akbar

c. Babar

d. Aurangzeb

178. Who is called the Price of Builders?

a. Shahjahan

B. Akbar

c. Jhangir

d. Babar

179. Who built the Red Fort at Delhi?

a. Shahjahan

B. Akbar

c. Humayun

d. Jahangir

180. Who was the last ruler of the Mughal Empire?

a. Bahadur Shah II

B. Aurangzeb

c. Jahandar Shah

d. Alamgir II

181. When did the Second Battle of Tarain take place?

a. 1192

B. 1190

c. 1025

d. 1398

182. Who, amongst the following, after marriage was known as Nur Jahan, wife of emperor Jhangir?

a. Arjumand Banu Begam

B. Asmat Begam

c. Ladli Begam

d. Mehr-un-Nisa

183. The founder of Sikh religion was

a. Guru Gobind Singh

B. Guru Nanak Dev

c. Banda Bahadur

d. Guru Hargobind

184. Which guru started the institution of Langar?

a. Guru Arjun Dev

B. Guru Angad Dev

c. Guru Gobind Singh

d. Guru Nanak Dev

185. The name of the dearest wife of Shahjahan was

a. Rausenara

B. Jahanara

c. Arjumand Banu Begam

d. Ladli Begam

186. The Slave dynasty in India was founded by

a. Ghyas-ud-din

B. Qutub-ud-din

c. Iltomish

d. Mohammad Gauri

187. Sultan Razia was the …….. of Iltutmish:

a. Wife

B. Daughter

c. Sister

d. Niece

188. What was the court language of Mughals?

a. Persian

B. Arabic

c. Urdu

d. Turkish

189. The First Battle of Panipat (1526) was foughtbetween Babar and

a. Sikander Lodhi

B. Rana Sanga

c. Ibrahim Lodhi

d. Daulat Khan Lodhi

190. In the field of religion Akbar’s greatestcontribution was in his

a. founding of a new religion

B. expansion of his father’s religion

c. the building of temples and mosques

d. none of the above

191. Who constructed the Baoli at Goindwal?

a. Guru Arjun Dev

B. Guru Amar Das

c. Guru Angad Dev

d. Bahi Gurdas

192. Who was the first Granthi of Sri HarmandirSahib?

a. Baba Buddhaji

B. Bhai Tara Singh

c. Baba Kharak Singh

d. Bhai Man Singh

193. The famous financial adviser to Akbar was

a. Todar Mal

B. Abul Fazal

c. Bairam Khan

d. None of these

194. The Moti Masjid was built during the reign ofShahjahan at

a. Delhi

B. Agra

c. Lahore

d. Shahjahanabad

195. Who compiled the holy Guru Granth Sahib?

a. Guru Gobind Singh

B. Bhai Gurdas

c. Guru Arjun Dev

d. Guru Hargobind

196. The only Muslim woman to sit on the throne ofDelhi was

a. Chand Bibi

B. Nur Jahan

c. Razia Sultana

d. Mumtaz Mahal

197. Shahjahan had to remain in captivity for ……years:

a. Eight

B. Twenty

c. Sixteen

d. Fourteen

198. Name the Sikh Guru who proclaimed thedoctrine of ‘Miri and Piri’.

a. Guru Hargobind

B. Guru Gobind Singh

c. Guru Teg Bahadur

d. Guru Har Rai

199. Akbar was succeeded by his son

a. Jahangir

B. Humayun

c. Shahjhan

d. Aurangzeb

200. The city of Agra was founded by

a. Rana Sanga

B. Ibrahim Lodhi

c. Firoz Tuglak

d. Sikandar Lodhi


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