Introduction to Literary Forms (Prose) Solved MCQs


An Essay is a__________.

A. Short Composition in Poem
B. Short Composition in prose
C. Short Composition
D. All of the above
Answer» B. Short Composition in prose

______ said "An Essay is a Short Composition in Prose".

A. Charles Lamb
B. Francis Bacon
C. Montaigne
D. Voltaire
Answer» A. Charles Lamb

The word 'essay' is derived from________ word.

A. Latin
B. French
C. Greek
D. Chinese
Answer» A. Latin

_______is the father of English Essays.

A. Charles Lamb
B. Francis Bacon
C. Montaigne
D. Voltaire
Answer» B. Francis Bacon

Personal essay is called________.

A. subjective
B. objective
C. autobiographical
D. None
Answer» A. subjective

Of Studies' is a famous essay of _________.

A. Hazlitt
B. Montaigne
C. Charles Lamb
D. Francis Bacon
Answer» D. Francis Bacon

_______is the father of Essays.

A. Voltaire
B. Francis Bacon
C. Montaigne
D. Hazlitt
Answer» C. Montaigne

The Ideal length of writing short story is ________.

A. 2000-6000 Words
B. 50000 words
C. 15000 words
D. 1000-20000 words
Answer» D. 1000-20000 words

The main idea of short story is called___________.

A. Plot
B. Theme
C. Story
D. Setting
Answer» A. Plot

___________is not short story writer.

A. Rudyard Kipling
B. Edgar Poe
C. Henry James
D. Charles Lamb
Answer» D. Charles Lamb

The Necklace' is famous short story of____________.

A. D.H.Lawrence
B. Maupassant
C. Henry James
D. R.K Narayan
Answer» B. Maupassant

________said "Short story is a work of prose fiction".

A. H.G. Wells
B. M.H.Abram
C. Henry James
D. Oxford Dictionary
Answer» D. Oxford Dictionary

The setting of the short story is __________.

A. Single
B. Double
C. Multiple
D. Mixed
Answer» A. Single

Shkespeare's sister is an essay by_______.

A. Shakespeare
B. Tagore
C. Virginia Woolf
D. R.K Narayan
Answer» C. Virginia Woolf

Virginia's short essay 'Shakespeare's sister' is published in___.

A. 1928
B. 1828
C. 1935
D. 1929
Answer» D. 1929

_________is the narrator of the essay 'Shakespeare's sister'.

A. Woolf
B. Mary Beton
C. Mary Shelley
D. Shakespeare
Answer» B. Mary Beton

The Religion of the Forest' is an essay by_________.

A. Sarojini Naidu
B. M.K Gandhi
C. Tagore
D. Mulk Raj
Answer» C. Tagore

The Religion of the Forest' is originally written in__________.

A. Bengali
B. English
C. Gujarati
D. Hindi
Answer» A. Bengali

The founder of Shantiniketan was____________.

A. Arbindo Ghosh
B. Tagore
C. Raja Rao
D. M.K Gandhi
Answer» B. Tagore

_________translated 'The Religion of the Forest' into English.

A. Khushwant Singh
B. Priya Adarkar
C. Mohit K Roy
D. Tagore
Answer» C. Mohit K Roy

Tagore was given Nobel prize in_____.

A. 1912
B. 1913
C. 1911
D. 1910
Answer» B. 1913

According to Tagore,_________is the symbol of unity.

A. water
B. air
C. river
D. forest
Answer» D. forest

The Two Lady Rams' is a short story by__________.

A. Raja Rao
B. Mulk Raj Anand
C. R.K Narayan
D. Tagore
Answer» B. Mulk Raj Anand

_____________is not a character of 'The Two Lady Rams'.

A. Sukhiram
B. Shakutanla
C. Lalla Jinda Ram
D. Chhotu Ram
Answer» D. Chhotu Ram

Lalla Jinda Ram is __________.

A. farmer
B. teacher
C. contractor
D. doctor
Answer» C. contractor
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