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The Romantic & Victorian Age Solved MCQs

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Elis Bell is the pen name of ___.

A. Sir Walter Scott
B. Emily Brontë
C. Charlotte Bronte
D. Jane Austen
Answer» A. Sir Walter Scott

According to whom, "The two important features of Romanticism wereCuriosity and Beauty?

A. Dryden
B. Walter Pater
C. Sir Walter Scott
D. T.S.Eliot
Answer» C. Sir Walter Scott

The Romantic age covers the period of ______.

A. 1560-1640
B. 1798-1832
C. 1770-1830
D. 1832-1885
Answer» B. 1798-1832

In which year the poetry "The Ring and the Book" published?

A. 1870
B. 1868
C. 1885
D. 1858
Answer» B. 1868

Who is regarded as the Prince of English Essayist?

A. Charles Dickens
B. Alexander Pope
C. Charles Lumb
D. Sir Walter Scott
Answer» C. Charles Lumb

According to whom, "Nature is the best teacher"?

A. John Ruskin
B. Coleridge
C. Tennyson
D. William Wordsworth
Answer» D. William Wordsworth

Who is known as the high Priest of Nature?

A. William Wordsworth
B. Edger Pushkin
C. Coleridge
D. Robert Burns
Answer» A. William Wordsworth

Who gave the slogan " Back to Nature" ?

A. Johnn Keats
B. S.T.Coleridge
C. Robert Burns
D. Wordsworth
Answer» D. Wordsworth

"Criticism Biographia Literaria" who wrote?

A. S.T.Coleridge
B. William Wordsworth
C. William Thackeray
D. John Keats
Answer» A. S.T.Coleridge

Who wrote the book "On the Origin of Species?

A. William Thackeray
B. Robert Burns
C. Charles Lumb
D. Charles Darwin
Answer» D. Charles Darwin

Queen Victoria came into the throne of England in which year?

A. 1835
B. 1837
C. 1830
D. 1873
Answer» A. 1835

What is the most important poetic form of Robert Browning?

A. Epic
B. Ballad
C. Dramatic monologue
D. Sonnet
Answer» C. Dramatic monologue

Which was Dicken's best selling novel ?

A. David Copperfield
B. Pamela
C. Pickwick Papers
D. Hard Times
Answer» C. Pickwick Papers

"A Tale of Two Cities" by Dickens based on which revolution?

A. Bangladesh Revolution
B. French Revolution
C. Russian Revolution
D. American Revolution
Answer» B. French Revolution

Who was the founder of the "Oxford Movement"?

A. Robert Browning
B. Stephen Gosson
C. John Cable
D. Cardinal Newman
Answer» C. John Cable

Who was the pioneer of the "Oxford Movement"?

A. Pope
B. Dickens
C. Cardinal Newman
D. John Cable
Answer» C. Cardinal Newman

The "Oxford Movement" was started by _______.

A. The scholar of saint John uni.
B. The scholar of Oxford uni.
C. the scholar of Cambridge uni.
D. none
Answer» B. The scholar of Oxford uni.

Which is an autobiography of Cardinal Newman?

A. Oxford Movement
B. The Prelude
C. Apology Pro Vita Sua
D. An Apology for Poetry
Answer» C. Apology Pro Vita Sua

In how many books,"Hard Times" divided?

A. 7
B. 3
C. 1
D. 5
Answer» B. 3

In which city does most of the novel take place?

A. Avon
B. Wessex
C. Cocktown
D. Kent
Answer» C. Cocktown

What is the common name for poor Coketown factory workers?

A. eyes
B. legs
C. hands
D. fingers
Answer» C. hands

Which character is a Member of Parliament?

A. Pegler
B. Stephen
C. Gradgrind
D. Rachel
Answer» C. Gradgrind

To whom, Dickens dedicated his novel "Hard Times"?

A. John Keats
B. John Ruskin
C. Browning
D. Thomas Carlyle
Answer» D. Thomas Carlyle

How do the poor of Coketown attempt to improve their conditions?

A. By reading a book
B. By forming a union
C. By farming
D. By forming a bazar
Answer» B. By forming a union

What motivates Harthouse to become one of Gradgrinds political disciples?

A. Boredom
B. reality
C. fact
D. none
Answer» A. Boredom
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