Computer Skills solved MCQs

1. __________can be added to pivot tables that acts like a filter.

a. slicer

B. value

c. sort

d. query

2. ___________function calculates the payment on the principal, during a specific period of a loan or investment that is paid in constant periodic payments ,with constant interest rate.

a. ppmt()

B. ipmt()

c. pmt()

d. pv()

3. What will be out put of =Floor(1,567,0.01)

a. 2

B. 1.57

c. 1.56

d. 1

4.   In a students’ database table, _____________ field can be the primary key

a. name

B. phone number

c. roll number

d. address

5. At ________________tier ,the database resides along with query processing langauges

a. application

B. presentation

c. databsase

d. data

6.   _______________is the first stage of SCM.

a. develop

B. plan

c. deliver

d. return

7. Customer Relationship management implementation contain __________

a. marketing

B. sales

c. support

d. product

8. _________________is the process of studying and representing the data in order to observe the trends in the market.

a. busines reorting

B. lead mangement

c. anlytics

d. marketing

9. _____________is the transfer of data from one computer system to another by standardise message formattingw ithout the need for human intervention.

a. electronic data interface

B. electronic data interchange

c. electronic clearing system

d. none of these.

10. Considering that the funds settlement takes place in the book of Reserve Bank of India,______payments are final and irrevocable.

a. imps

B. rtgs

c. neft

d. ecs


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