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British Poetry - 17th and 18th Centuries Solved MCQs

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"Sumson agonistes" it written by_____

A. John milton
B. Ben Jonson
C. John Donne
D. George Herbert
Answer» A. John milton

The most famous, miilton's pastoral elegy is_____

A. Paradise lost
B. Laycide
C. Paradise regained
D. Comus
Answer» B. Laycide

_____is a masque written by milton

A. Lycide
B. Comus
C. Paradise lost
D. Paradise regained
Answer» B. Comus

John milton died on_____

A. 1673
B. 1683
C. 1780
D. 1674
Answer» D. 1674

The 17th century was marked by the decline of the_____spirit

A. Puritan
B. Renaissance
C. Restorant
D. Romance
Answer» A. Puritan

_____appointed milton to the post of latin secretary

A. Charles-I
B. Charles-II
C. Cromwell
D. Edward-II
Answer» C. Cromwell

The first verson of 'The Rupe of The Lock' was Published in_____

A. 1710
B. 1712
C. 1717
D. 1718
Answer» B. 1712

_____a Lady Supported Born, in 'The hope a the look'

A. Clarissa
B. Chole
C. Belinda
D. betty
Answer» A. Clarissa

_____was very natural person in "The Rape Of the lock"

A. Sir Fopling
B. Sir Plume
C. Baron
D. Chole
Answer» B. Sir Plume

_____is Chief Spirit of the air.

A. Sylphs
B. Aerial
C. Genies
D. Spleen
Answer» B. Aerial

Spleen is a goddess of_____

A. The Earth
B. III-nature
C. Fire
D. Water
Answer» B. III-nature

The use of_____is a Common feature of the epic.

A. war
B. Love
C. Friendship
D. Super natural
Answer» D. Super natural

_____Lap-dog of Belinda

A. Baron
B. Shock
C. Chole
D. Plume
Answer» B. Shock

Umbriel is a _____spirit

A. Air
B. iLL-nature
C. Good-nature
D. Dark melancholy
Answer» D. Dark melancholy

Milton's Lycidas' written in _____

A. 1636
B. 1637
C. 1638
D. 1639
Answer» B. 1637

milton wrote official publications for_____Government.

A. Pope's
B. Cdromwell's
C. Swifth's
D. King-I
Answer» B. Cdromwell's

Ring entered Christ's College in_____.

A. 1625
B. 1626
C. 1627
D. 1628
Answer» B. 1626

Essay on Dramatic Poesie' was Written by_____

A. John Dryden
B. Philip Sydney
C. Pope
D. Ben Johnson
Answer» A. John Dryden

Essay on Dramatic Poesie' was Published in_____

A. 1668
B. 1672
C. 1662
D. 1679
Answer» A. 1668

Eugenius represents_____

A. sir villiam Devanant
B. Sir RobertHoword
C. Roger Boyel
D. John Dryden
Answer» A. sir villiam Devanant

In which Context the 'essay on Dramatic poesie' was written_____

A. English-Franch war
B. English-Spanish war
C. English-Dutch war
D. Hundred Years war
Answer» C. English-Dutch war

Supports modern Drama_____

A. Crites
B. Neander
C. 4Eugenius
D. Lisidehrs
Answer» C. 4Eugenius

The Deserted Village is Written by_____

A. Oliver Goldmith
B. thomas champion
C. william skakes peared
D. A-H-dough
Answer» A. Oliver Goldmith

where health and pklenty cheered the labouring

A. Traders
B. Engineers
C. Swain
D. Politicion
Answer» C. Swain

The central figure of the poen the deserted village is______

A. Chairman
B. Countryman
C. Superman
D. Headman
Answer» B. Countryman
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