Front Office Solved MCQs


Hotel XYZ has a great deal of flexibility in responding to changes in local market conditions but cannot afford broad advertising exposure and pays relatively high prices for supplies. The hotel is most likely to be

A. Chain property
B. Independent property
C. Franchisee
D. Corporate property
Answer» B. Independent property

The occupancy report prepared by the front desk for April 7, at 3 pm of the same day, lists room 501 as a stay over. At 2 pm on April 7 , the housekeeping report lists room 501 as vacant and ready for sale. The room status discrepancy could have resulted from

A. A walk-in
B. A lock-out
C. A late check-out
D. A skipper
Answer» D. A skipper

A credit limit established by hotel is known as

A. House limit
B. Outstanding limit
C. High balance limit
D. Ceiling
Answer» A. House limit

A pending charge posting after the guest has checked-out is known as

A. City voucher
B. Late charge
C. Miscellaneous charge
D. Due bank
Answer» B. Late charge

Which of the following reports is especially helpful to properties that are considering expansion

A. Agent commission report
B. Expected Arrival report
C. No-show report
D. Turn away report
Answer» D. Turn away report

A package offered by a resort includes the cost of breakfast, and either Lunch or Dinner in the room charge. This arrangement is called

A. The European Plan
B. The Bermuda Plan
C. The American Plan
D. The Modified American Plan
Answer» D. The Modified American Plan

Who out of the below is not a member of HRACC

A. Principal, Institute of Hotel Management
B. Representative of Ministry of Tourism,
C. Representative of IATA
D. Representative of FHRAI
Answer» C. Representative of IATA

A charge purchase transaction will have following impact on the outstanding balance of the folio account

A. Outstanding balance of the folio will increase
B. Outstanding balance of the folio will decrease
C. Outstanding balance of the folio will remain the same
D. Outstanding balance of the folio will become zero
Answer» A. Outstanding balance of the folio will increase

Cash disbursed by front office on behalf of the guest is known as

B. Cash bank
C. Encashment
D. Paid-out
Answer» D. Paid-out

An imbalance that occurs when the total of cash and checks in a cash register drawer is greater than the initial bank plus net cash receipts

A. Due back
B. Overage
C. City ledger
D. Guest ledger
Answer» B. Overage

Which of the following is not a part of the sub-classification of heritage hotels in India

A. Heritage
B. Heritage Classic
C. Heritage royal
D. Heritage grand
Answer» C. Heritage royal

For a hotel to get classified as a five star hotel, minimum number of let table rooms required are

A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 50
Answer» A. 10

Two single beds joined together and sharing a common headboard is called as:

A. Twin
B. Hollywood twin
C. Double
D. Quad
Answer» B. Hollywood twin

Which of the following is not a part of Hubbart formula of calculating room tariff

A. Market based pricing
B. Return on investment
C. Non-room revenue
D. Operating expenses
Answer» A. Market based pricing

Hotel ABC has total 210 rooms out of which 182 are occupied on 12th March. Total room revenue of the hotel for the above given date is Rs. 21,20,000/. Calculate RevPAR

A. Rs. 10,095.23
B. Rs. 11,648.35
C. Rs. 5408.16
D. Rs. 6875.25
Answer» A. Rs. 10,095.23

Ratio of the total number of occupied rooms to the total number of rooms that are available for sale is known as

A. Yield %
C. Occupancy%
D. House count
Answer» C. Occupancy%

Selective overbooking is also called as

A. Duration control
B. Discount management
C. Differential pricing
D. Capacity management
Answer» D. Capacity management

The mathematical difference between potential average double rate and potential average single rate is called as

A. Room rate achievement factor
B. Yield %
C. Rate spread
D. Potential ARR
Answer» C. Rate spread

Select the odd one out

A. Global Distribution System
B. Point of sale system
C. Centralized reservation system
D. On-line room booking portals
Answer» B. Point of sale system

Delinquent account is a term associated with

A. Account correction
B. Account allowance
C. Account aging
D. Non-Guest Folio
Answer» C. Account aging

Which of the following is generally not accepted as a mode of settlement of guest account

A. Traveler's cheque
B. Credit card
C. Travel agent voucher
D. Personal cheque
Answer» D. Personal cheque

A day or even a season between two busier time periods is known as

A. Leg period
B. Shoulder period
C. Head period
D. Ankle period
Answer» B. Shoulder period

Hotel XYZ has 250 rooms with a rack rate of Rs. 10,000 for each room. On 15th March 200 rooms were occupied at an ARR of Rs. 8,000. Calculate Yield %

A. 78%
B. 1.56%
C. 64%
D. 56%
Answer» C. 64%

Rate below which room will not be sold by the hotel on a given date is known as

A. Crib Rate
B. Introductory rate
C. Rack rate
D. Hurdle rate
Answer» D. Hurdle rate

Situation where a room is occupied according to front office records but is actually vacant because front office failed to update their records is referred as

A. Sleeper
B. Skipper
C. Sleep-out
D. Bounced off
Answer» A. Sleeper
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