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Crime and Society Solved MCQs

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Who defined crime as the intentional Act in violation of the criminal law committed detense of excuse and penalized by the state

A. Paul Tappan
B. Lombroso
C. Edwin Sutherland
D. Howard Becker
Answer» A. Paul Tappan

Differential association theory of crime was developed by

A. George Ritzer
B. Howard Becker
C. Edwin Sutherland
D. Lombroso
Answer» C. Edwin Sutherland

Who coined the term Criminology?

A. Raffaele Garosfalo
B. Beccaria
C. Lombroso
D. Becker
Answer» A. Raffaele Garosfalo

Who is considered as the father of Criminology?

A. Adler
B. Sutherland
C. Lombroso
D. Becker
Answer» C. Lombroso

............. crime is used to mean Socio-economic crimes?

A. White collar
B. Public property
C. Cyber
D. Private property
Answer» A. White collar

The person who commits a crime is known as ...........

A. Gambler
B. Criminal
C. Prisoner
D. Accused
Answer» B. Criminal

Scientific study of crime and criminal behavior is known as ...........

A. Criminal study
B. Pathology
C. Psychology
D. Criminology
Answer» D. Criminology

The term criminology was coined in the year?

A. 1885
B. 1800
C. 1774
D. 1856
Answer» A. 1885

............... is the stirring up of feelings against lawful authority?

A. Sedition
B. Revolt
C. Rebellion
D. Treason
Answer» A. Sedition

Who propounded the theories of differential association?

A. Adler
B. Sutherland
C. Cotron
D. Lombroso
Answer» B. Sutherland

Theoretical explanation of criminal behavior is classified into ............. categories.

A. six
B. seven
C. three
D. four
Answer» A. six

Hacking belongs to which type of crime?

A. Crimes against individual
B. Sedition
C. Crimes against property
D. Cyber crime
Answer» D. Cyber crime

Who among the following uses symbolic interactionism to evaluate crimes?

A. Howard Becker
B. Merton
C. Alison knees
D. Sobah
Answer» A. Howard Becker

National Cyber crime unit is the Cyber crime inspection wing of which country?

B. Australia
C. U.K
D. Austria
Answer» C. U.K

Federal Bureau of Investigation is the domestic security service of which country?

A. Pakistan
B. China
C. U.S.A
D. Hungary
Answer» C. U.S.A

Halocaust is considered as ..........?

A. Crime against Humanity
B. International crime
C. Crime against property
D. Cyber crime
Answer» A. Crime against Humanity

Who among the following applied positivist approach in analyzing crimes?

A. Merton
B. Sakov
C. Lombroso
D. Becker
Answer» C. Lombroso

According to Lombroso criminals are not born criminals but they are.........?

A. Criminaloids
B. Very innocent
C. Situational criminals
D. Hackers
Answer» A. Criminaloids

Who revised the classical theory in 1810-1819?

A. Classicist
B. Neo classist
C. Functionalists
D. Neo-functionalists
Answer» B. Neo classist

Who wrote the book ‘On crimes and Punishments’?

A. Lombroso
B. Tarde
C. Becker
D. Beccaria
Answer» D. Beccaria

In which year did the book ‘On crimes and punishments’ was published?

A. 1764
B. 1808
C. 1777
D. 1882
Answer» A. 1764

‘Primary deviance’ is the core concept associated with........... theory of deviance.

A. Labelling theory
B. Anomic theory
C. Differential association theory
D. Psycho-analytical theory
Answer» A. Labelling theory

Who put forward Psycho-analytical theory of crime?

A. Sigmund Freud
B. Alfred Adler
C. Karen Horney
D. William Wyndt
Answer» B. Alfred Adler

Which theory emphazises on the physiology of the criminals?

A. Theory of evolutionary atavism
B. Psycho-analytic theory
C. Anomic Theory
D. Labelling theory
Answer» A. Theory of evolutionary atavism

Malicious morphing belongs to.................. crime.

A. Seditious
B. Cyber
C. Racial
D. Misogynistic
Answer» B. Cyber
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