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Media and Society Solved MCQs

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The mass media are educates and propagandists . Which theory of the press support this ideology?

A. libertarian
B. communist
C. authoritarian
D. social responsibility
Answer» C. authoritarian

When was Samachar created?

A. 1977
B. 1981
C. 1975
D. 1976
Answer» C. 1975

The 1948,the conference on freedom of information was held in

A. Newyork city
B. Colombo
C. Davos
D. Geneva
Answer» D. Geneva

The tabloid, The Sun, is published from

A. Lucerne
B. Paris
C. London
D. Rome
Answer» C. London

During the 19th century, most of the newspapers of Britian were owned by

A. The government
B. families
C. private share holders
D. Foreign firms of the West but not belonging
Answer» B. families

What is the full form of CANA

A. Canadian news agency
B. Caribbean news agency
C. Cambodian news alliance
D. None of these
Answer» B. Caribbean news agency

The AFP belongs to which country

A. The Netherland
B. Belgium
C. France
D. Mexico
Answer» C. France

which news agency was providing news to the Indian newspapers during the pre independence era?

A. The AFP
C. Reuters
Answer» C. Reuters

what was the name of the report Mac Bride commission

A. International Communication Report
B. Many Voice One mode
C. Many Voices One World
Answer» C. Many Voices One World

the newspaper published by M K Gandhi when he was in South Africa was

A. Reformer
B. Harijan
C. Indian opinion
D. The Hindu
Answer» C. Indian opinion

Who is the head of the News Service Division

A. Editor in charge
B. Directorial officer
C. Director General
D. Managing Director
Answer» C. Director General

According to Wilbur Schram, which one of the following is a value free asset?

A. Culture
B. Religion
C. Technology
D. None of these
Answer» C. Technology

Which of the following countries progressed economic term, but did not change her cultural values

A. India
B. The USA
C. England
D. Canada
Answer» C. England

The first implementation exercise of the package Programme Model was initiated in

A. The philipians
B. India (IADP)
C. Mexico (Pueba project)
D. None of these
Answer» B. India (IADP)

Which of the following is not a phase of the diffusion process propounded by Everette M Rogers

A. Trial
B. Evaluation
C. Awareness
D. Cogitation
Answer» D. Cogitation

Which of the following models emphasis on the strengthening of Democratic process and redistribution of power

A. The Shannon and Weaver model
B. The old model Schramm
C. The participatory model
D. The alternative paradigm
Answer» C. The participatory model

Effects were made to find out how mass communication would effect social change in our country. The first attempt was made in this context through the

A. SITE 1975
B. Kheda Project
C. Use of colour TV Transmission (1982)
D. Introduction of an internet gateway through the VSNL (1995)
Answer» A. SITE 1975

Janet Cooke was awarded for

A. Pulitzer prize
B. Nobel prize
C. Gandhi prize peace
D. Bharath ratna
Answer» A. Pulitzer prize

Which reporting goes behind the news and bring out the truth

A. Objective
B. Interpretative
C. Investigative
D. Crime
Answer» C. Investigative

When was the 2nd Press Council set up

A. Dec 1972
B. Oct 1971
C. Oct 1970
D. Aug 1975
Answer» C. Oct 1970

Sadharanikaran is a social process, which can be achieved only among ......

A. Common people
B. Sahridayas
C. Culture
D. Children
Answer» B. Sahridayas

Mao Zedong, who led the .........

A. Jasmine revolutions
B. Chinese Cultural revolutions
C. Kashmir revolution
D. Green revolution
Answer» B. Chinese Cultural revolutions

The word Global Village is defined by ......

A. Marshall Mc Luhan
B. Wilber Shramm
C. Daniel Leanear
Answer» A. Marshall Mc Luhan

Tabloid journalism is frequently termed .......

A. Cheque book journalism
B. Yellow journalism
C. Investigative journalism
Answer» B. Yellow journalism

Which was the first newspaper in India

A. Bengal Gazette
B. Calcutta journal
C. Samachar Darpan
Answer» A. Bengal Gazette
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