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1. A project is anything which is

a. implicitly expressed

B. not implicitly expressed

c. not a physical objective

d. social acceptability

2. functional type of structure is divided into department based on

a. fuunctions

B. processed

c. human relations

d. planning

3. Training requirement is a

a. financial factor

B. hr factor

c. marketing factor

d. administrative factor

4. Cultural implications of the project are examined by

a. economic feasibility

B. cultural feasibility

c. technical feasibility

d. marketing feasibility

5. (NPBIT ÷ capital employed ) X 1000

a. rob

B. capital employed ratio

c. roi

d. interest coverage ratio

6. following is not a ficed income bearing security

a. equity share

B. preference shares

c. debentuures

d. public deposits

7. financial leverage is

a. ebit/ebt

B. ebt/ebit

c. c/ebt

d. c/ebit

8. Additional working capital is

a. added to cost of machine

B. deducted from cost of machine

c. ignored

d. risk to machine

9. Capacity planning

a. save time

B. increase cost

c. increases waste

d. increase production

10. Fishbone diagram

a. identify root cauuses

B. identify economy

c. identify loaction

d. identify project

11. Balance of Payment situation refers to exploiting opportunities in which environment?

a. Economic Environment

B. Technological Environment

c. Governmental Environment

d. Socio-demographic Environment

12. Which of the following is NOT a source of Project Idea?

a. Attending Trade Fairs

B. Analysis of Economic & Social Trends

c. Identifying unfulfilled psychological needs

d. Increase Production.

13. Compatibility with the promoter is a part of ____________?

a. Secondary Screening

B. Idea Generation

c. Preliminary Screening

d. None of these

14. The cost structure of proposed project must consider _________________.

a. Cost of Material Inputs

B. Labour Costs

c. Factory Overheads

d. All of these

15. To judge the adequacy of market which of this is NOT relevant?

a. Total Present Domestic Market

B. Competitors and their market shares

c. Export Market

d. Labour Market

16. Competition from Imports is a proposed risk for new project.

a. True

B. False

c. none

d. none

17. What is to be prepared as a first step to avail finance for a new project?

a. Detailed Report

B. Project Report

c. Promoter’s bio-data

d. Summary

18. With respect to a project resources refer to :

a. Man power

B. Machinery

c. Materials

d. All of the above

19. Traditionally Indian Business had shortage of inputs like Power, Foreign Exchange,Important Raw Material, Supply of Agricultural Raw materials etc.

a. True

B. False

c. none

d. none

20. NewProject Idea may be generated by thinking along:

a. Modification

B. Rearrangement

c. Reversal

d. All of the above

21. Projected Cash flow is mentioned in which part of the Project Report?

a. Summary

B. Financial Details

c. Production Process

d. Technical Arrangements

22. Which of the following is NOT the facet of Project Analysis?

a. Market Analysis

B. Fundamental Analysis

c. Financial Analysis

d. Technical Analysis

23. Which one of the following is NOT a part to study under Market Appraisal?

a. Customers

B. Government

c. Competitors

d. Middlemen

24. Readymade Project Reports are available with __________________.



c. Banks

d. All of the above

25. Questionnaire is a source of _____________ data.

a. Primary

B. Secondary

c. Detailed

d. None of the above


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