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1. A pattern is generally made up of how many pieces?

a. 1

B. 2-3

c. 4-5

d. 6

2. How does pattern vary in size with casting?

a. pattern is larger in size

B. casting is larger in size

c. both have same size

d. size depends on other factors

3. A pattern carries which allowance for internal and external surfaces?

a. shrinkage allowance

B. machining allowance

c. distortion allowance

d. draft allowance

4. What is draft allowance also known as?

a. shake allowance

B. contraction allowance

c. taper allowance

d. rapping allowance

5. Machining allowance does not depend on which of the following factor?

a. solidifying contraction

B. machining method

c. shape and size of casting

d. casting method

6. How much does the distortion allowance vary?

a. 1mm to 10mm

B. 2mm to 20mm

c. 1mm to 15mm

d. 2mm to 15mm

7. Ferrous metals need more allowance than non-ferrous metals.

a. true

B. false

8. A pattern is shaken by striking it with a wooden piece. A negative allowance is provided for this. Which allowance is it?

a. machining allowance

B. rapping allowance

c. distortion allowance

d. contraction allowance

9. The following figure depicts which allowance?

a. machining allowance

B. shrinkage allowance

c. draft allowance

d. shake allowance

10. Which of the following is not used for the formation of the molding sand?

a. silica sand

B. binders

c. additives

d. coal

11. The size of the sand particles in the molding sand is the biggest.

a. true

B. false

12. The is responsible for the impact strength in the molding sand.

a. aggregates

B. refractoriness

c. impurities

d. permeability

13. Molding sand can withstand chemical reactions on it and prove it to be beneficial for the casting formation.

a. true

B. false

14. The property ensures the removal of excess sand in the mould box.

a. adhesiveness

B. cohesiveness

c. green strength

d. compressive strength

15. Binding property of the sand increases because of the property.

a. cohesiveness

B. collapsibility

c. flow ability

d. permeability

16. Which of the following is the most important property of the molding sand in cores?

a. dry strength

B. green strength

c. collapsibility

d. cohesiveness

17. The adhesiveness and cohesiveness are the same properties of the molding sand.

a. true

B. false

18. Flow ability increases with increase in the green strength.

a. true

B. false

19. For melting of cast iron, which of the following furnace is used?

a. rotary furnace

B. cupola furnace

c. pit furnace

d. electric furnace

20. Why is sand bed prepared for melting of metal in Cupola furnace?

a. it provides a refractory bottom

B. it soaks the moisture from the metal

c. it conducts the heat faster and uniformly

d. none of the mentioned

21. What is the function of slag hole in a cupola furnace?

a. to tap the slag generated

B. to generate the slag

c. to allow outflow of gases

d. all of the mentioned

22. Incoming air pressure and quantity in cupola furnace are controlled by which of the following element?

a. tuyeres

B. tapping spout

c. wind box

d. blast pipe

23. Which of the following chemical compound, is the most common flux added to the charge in a cupola furnace?

a. coke

B. methane

c. carbon dioxide

d. limestone

24. Which of the following metal has a melting point of about 1537oC and latent heat of fusion 65.0 cal/g?

a. nickel

B. copper

c. zinc

d. iron

25. What is hearth in a furnace?

a. the electrodes are often called hearth

B. the walls of the furnace

c. the bowl shaped bottom of the furnace

d. the dome shaped roof of the furnace


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