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1. Communication is a non-stop______________.

a. paper

B. process

c. programme

d. plan

2. Communication is a part of ________ skills.

a. soft

B. hard

c. rough

d. short

3. The _______________ is the person who transmits the message.

a. receiver

B. driver

c. sender

d. cleaner

4. _____________ is the person who notices and decodes and attaches some meaning to a message.

a. receiver

B. driver

c. sender

d. cleaner

5. Message is any signal that triggers the response of a _________

a. receiver

B. driver

c. sender

d. cleaner

6. The response to a sender€™s message is called _________

a. food bank

B. feedback

c. food

d. back

7. ___________ context refers to the relationship between the sender and the receiver

a. social

B. physical

c. cultural

d. chronological

8. ___________ context refers to the similarity of backgrounds between the sender and the receiver.

a. physical

B. social

c. chronological

d. cultural

9. _________ refers to all these factors that disrupt the communication.

a. nonsense

B. noise

c. nowhere

d. nobody

10. Environmental barriers are the same as ______ noise.

a. physiological

B. psychological

c. physical

d. sociological

11. Our dress code is an example of _____________ communication.

a. verbal

B. nonverbal

c. written

d. spoken

12. Communication strengthens _______ & ______________ relationship is an organization.

a. employer-father

B. employer-employer

c. mother-employer

d. mother-child

13. _______________ communication includes tone of voice body language, facial expressions etc.

a. nonverbal

B. verbal

c. letter

d. notice

14. When there is similarity of background between the sender and the receives such as age, language nationality, religion, gender then this is called _____________ context.

a. social

B. cultural

c. physical

d. dynamic

15. Letter, e-mail telephone are examples of __________

a. message

B. feedback

c. channel

d. encoding

16. Understanding __________different parts of speech forms the base of leaning grammar

a. five

B. eight

c. six

d. seven

17. It is of paramount importance that one need to construct a __________sentence in the day to day affairs

a. wrong

B. correct

c. incorrect

d. night

18. A__________way be defined as the name of a person place or thing

a. verb

B. noun

c. pronoun

d. adverb

19. According to hoben “communication is the _____ nituchange of thought or idea.

a. visual

B. audio

c. verbal

d. written

20. The person who transmits the message is called the ____ or

a. sender

B. gives

c. taker

d. receiver

21. Proper nouns always begin with ________letters

a. running

B. capital

c. small

d. numerical

22. ______________nouns require capitalization only if they start the sentence or are part of a title

a. common

B. proper

c. abstract

d. collective

23. Once the message is encoded in a desired format it is transferred through a medium called ______

a. channel

B. medium

c. media

d. way

24. The nouns which cannot be felt, seen or heard are called __________

a. common

B. proper

c. abstract

d. collective

25. The information which is transferred to the receiver has to be interpreted this process is called _____

a. encoding

B. decoding

c. opening

d. closing


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