Communication Skill Solved MCQs


All communication events have a _________.

A. resource
B. source
C. start
D. end
Answer» B. source

Personifications of strength and violence are considered as ________ gender.

A. masculine
B. feminine
C. common
D. neuter
Answer» A. masculine

The message may be misinterpreted because of _____

A. barriers
B. distortions
C. distractions
D. noise
Answer» A. barriers

The environment in which the transmitter or receiver are should be ____

A. complex
B. competent
C. complete
D. compatible
Answer» D. compatible

A noun that dandies neither a male or a female is ___________gender

A. masculine
B. feminine
C. common
D. neuter
Answer» D. neuter

Countries when referred to by names are also considered _____________

A. masculine
B. feminine
C. common
D. neuter
Answer» B. feminine

The Christian sign of the ____ is a gesture pertaining to religion and spirituality.

A. plus
B. minus
C. division
D. cross
Answer» D. cross

In oral communication there is a possibility of immediate _________

A. reaction
B. response
C. refection
D. reset
Answer» B. response

In oral communication the speaker can observe the listener’s _______ to what is being elated.

A. reaction
B. response
C. rejection
D. reset
Answer» A. reaction

Nouns that end in “Y” but have a constant before “Y” form their plural by dropping “Y” and adding ___

A. ves
B. es
C. s
D. ies
Answer» D. ies

White talking to friends you do not pay attention to the skills of _____ Communication.

A. written
B. oral
C. audio
D. visual
Answer» B. oral

In oral presentation outside your organisation you must first give the audience a ______ of your organization.

A. flash back
B. background
C. front view
D. forword view
Answer» B. background

‘A’ and ‘an’ are the ___________--articles

A. definite
B. indefinite
C. particular
D. specified
Answer» B. indefinite

The _______ are used to present using overhead projectors.

A. acetate film transparent sheet
B. paper sheets
C. polythene sheet
D. butter paper
Answer» A. acetate film transparent sheet

Any word that adds more meaning to the noun is called an __________

A. adverb
B. verb
C. adjective
D. noun
Answer» C. adjective

A__________indicates the action done by the subject

A. verb
B. adverb
C. noun
D. pronoun
Answer» B. adverb

A___________is a word which connects words phrases , clauses or sentences

A. preposition
B. conjunction
C. interjection
D. verb
Answer» B. conjunction

During presentation using an OHP. One can read information line by line using an opaque sheet to cover the transparency with a view to minimize distraction. This technology is called _________

A. positive disclosure
B. zero disclosure
C. negative disclosure
D. progressive disclosure
Answer» D. progressive disclosure

Another thing that you have to avoid is adding to OHP’s with a ________ during a talk.

A. chalk
B. pencil
C. pen
D. marker
Answer» C. pen

It is important to consider proper _____ room where you are giving your presentation.

A. darkness
B. lighting
C. lightning
D. ventilation
Answer» B. lighting

_____ Listening means learning through conversation

A. evaluative
B. appreciative
C. dialogic
D. empathetic
Answer» C. dialogic

In _____ Listening the difference between the sounds is identified

A. discriminative
B. comprehension
C. dialogic
D. empathetic
Answer» A. discriminative

The ___________is an exclamation mark

A. ?
B. .
C. ,
D. !
Answer» D. !

Evaluative listening is also called _____

A. therapeutic
B. evaluative
C. dialogic
D. impathetic
Answer» A. therapeutic

The___________is the action or description that occur in the sentence

A. predicate
B. subject
C. object
D. complement
Answer» A. predicate
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