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chapter:   Introduction to HRM

1. HRM is concerned with the ------------------- in the organisation.

a. company

B. people

c. industry

d. society

2. HRM can be understood as a process of

a. processing

B. developing

c. maintaining people

d. all the above

3. HRM is an art of

a. preparation of a task

B. coordinating middle management

c. helping top management

d. managing people

4. Why are employers interested in employee engagement?

a. to encourage employees to trust their manager.

B. to make a quick profit

c. to make employees work harder for less

d. because engaged employees are more motivated and prepared to give their best to

5. HR policy makes employees

a. train for future positions

B. better person /worker

c. a knowledgeable person

d. all the above

6. Healthy HRM practices can help the organization

a. to reduce the disputes/ conflicts

B. to increase the promotional opportunities

c. to realize the employees

d. to maintain cardinal relationship

7. ------------------practices teach individuals team work and adjustment.

a. personnel management

B. effective human resource

c. employee welfare

d. healthy, safety and welfare

8. When industrial development increased by HR, it also stimulates

a. organizational modifications

B. economy

c. technology

d. socio cultural change

9. HR also focuses on

a. physical and emotional capital

B. the confident of employees

c. communication styles of the workers

d. attitude of the worker

10. ___________ is the art and science.

a. labour legislation

B. human resource management

c. allotment of right job to right one

d. all of the above

11. The scope of the HRM start from the

a. manpower needs

B. organizational needs

c. social needs

d. industry welfare

12. ____________ influence the financial wealth of the organization.

a. technological conditions

B. social conditions

c. political conditions

d. economical conditions

13. ____ is the major strategy of our country's HR focused to face the foreign organization.

a. challenge the competition

B. focus on product

c. recruitment of employees from other country

d. none of the above

14. Human Resource Management is the process of

a. recruitment and selection

B. analyzing the skills

c. workforce utilization

d. none of the above

15. Management in HRM refers to

a. labour unions

B. proper and maximum utilization of resources

c. top management

d. operations management

16. The core purpose of HRM is

a. select the right person for the task

B. satisfaction of employees

c. safety of employees

d. make efficient purpose of existing hr

17. Which of the following is not a function normally performed by the HR department?

a. employee relation

B. training and development

c. accounting

d. recruitment and selection

18. The role of HR director is

a. solving the disputes

B. extension of plan

c. administration

d. training and development

19. The perspective for the need of HR is

a. select the legal employee

B. promote the skill employee

c. distinguishing the features of employees

d. to right person for the right job

20. HRM is

a. inter - related

B. inter dependent

c. interacting

d. all the above

21. The skill and talents of HR

a. need an opportunity

B. obtained by the management

c. exemplified

d. represented

22. __________ practices will help to overcome the HR promotions.

a. employment

B. economic

c. innovative

d. cultural changes

23. _____ is the big problem for every organization.

a. recruiting and selecting

B. attracting and retaining

c. performance appraisal

d. promotion and transfer

24. The name of the facilitator in the HR department.

a. people\s champion

B. supervisor

c. chief executive

d. leader

chapter:   Performance Appraisal, Training and development

25. _____________ can be promoted for the top level job.

a. potential employees

B. legal employees

c. skilled employees

d. trained employees


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