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Enterprise Resource Planning and Management Solved MCQs

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Material Requirement Planning(MRP) utilizes software applications for scheduling _________.

A. sales management.
B. production processes.
C. marketing techniques.
D. human resource management.
Answer» B. production processes.

ERP supports __________ currency value.

A. multiple.
B. single.
C. three.
D. five.
Answer» A. multiple.

ERP package will handle ________ business functionalities.

A. one.
B. two.
C. three.
D. all.
Answer» D. all.

The most important step of ERP implementation is _________ phase.

A. installing.
B. training.
C. gap analysis.
D. testing.
Answer» C. gap analysis.

An enterprise is a group of people with ________.

A. common goal.
B. separate goal for each department.
C. multiple goals.
D. two or more goals.
Answer» A. common goal.

In _________, entire organization is considered as a system and the departments are its subsystem.

A. business way.
B. general.
C. enterprise way.
D. planning.
Answer» C. enterprise way.

An information system produces information using the ________ cycle.

A. data analysis.
B. input-process-output.
C. input-output.
D. process-input-output.
Answer» B. input-process-output.

__________ used to support the old process to become useful in the new
process, involves reducing some
requirements while expanding others.

A. transitioning the information.
B. software management.
C. front-office software.
D. information system.
Answer» A. transitioning the information.

Which of the following method is used to produce reports about data.

A. decision support systems.
B. executive information systems.
C. query/report writing tool.
D. all the above.
Answer» D. all the above.

_________ approaches reduces data redundancy and provide update information.

A. legacy system.
B. information system.
C. integrated data model.
D. data base.
Answer» C. integrated data model.

The elapsed time between placing an order and it receiving it is also known as _____.

A. elapsed time.
B. waiting time.
C. time interval.
D. expected time.
Answer» A. elapsed time.

In order to reduce the lead times, the organization should have an efficient __________ system.

A. purchasing.
B. production planning.
C. inventory.
D. integrated inventory.
Answer» D. integrated inventory.

Customer specific products are also known as __________.

A. make-to-stock.
B. make-to-order.
C. goods.
D. expected products.
Answer» B. make-to-order.

Using __________ system, business can gain effective control over engineering change orders.

A. engineering change control.
B. engineering change order.
C. inventory.
D. production planning.
Answer» A. engineering change control.

In the case of make-to-order items, the ERP systems save time by integrating with _______ systems.

A. engineering change control.
B. engineering change order.
C. cad and cam.
D. cad.
Answer» C. cad and cam.

The __________ planning features of most ERP systems offer, both rough cut and detailed capacity planning.

A. capacity.
B. production.
C. marketing.
D. test.
Answer» A. capacity.

_________ is a key issue in the formation of strategic plans in companies.

A. computerized.
B. quantity.
C. quality.
D. flexibility.
Answer» D. flexibility.

The business information has _______ fundamental characteristics.

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. many
Answer» C. 3

The CRM system consist of ____ components.

A. 2.
B. 3.
C. 5.
D. many.
Answer» B. 3.

_________ is the first phase in BPR.

A. begin organizational change.
B. identifying bpr opportunities.
C. reengineering the process.
D. blueprint the new business system.
Answer» A. begin organizational change.

The first step in business strategy is ________.

A. planning.
B. develop blueprint.
C. marketing.
D. assessment.
Answer» D. assessment.

During the ___________ session the reengineering must also consider new technologies.

A. planning
B. implementing.
C. brainstorming.
D. training.
Answer» C. brainstorming.

The reengineering team must consider _________ in the redesign of a process.

A. all resources.
B. all process stakeholders.
C. existing system.
D. legacy system.
Answer» B. all process stakeholders.

The ________ contains models of the redesigned organizational structure.

A. planning report.
B. blueprint.
C. marketing strategy.
D. implementation report.
Answer» B. blueprint.

Transforming the workforce will require a _________.

A. array of activities.
B. blueprint.
C. training and education.
D. planning.
Answer» A. array of activities.
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