Advertising and Sales Promotion solved MCQs

76. Placement of advertisements inside or outside transportation vehicles isknown as

a. aerial advertising

B. transit advertising.

c. speciality advertising

d. place based advertising.

77. _______________ the number of people or households who are exposed to amedium.

a. audience

B. television

c. news

d. radio

78. The total net audience exposed to prepared periodical, outdoor, television orradio advertising is _____________.

a. space accumulation.

B. agency accumulation.

c. audience accumulation.

d. audience composition.

79. The effectiveness of advertising is improved through ________________.

a. ad tracking.

B. marketing research.

c. advertising research.

d. copy testing.

80. The practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and politicaladvertisement is known as _______________.

a. culture jamming.

B. ad busters.

c. political advertising.

d. subvert sing.

81. Account planning is a much tasked about, much hyped function is alsoreferred to as the______________

a. boutique function

B. prime function

c. ghost function

d. non-prime function

82. An agency can also handle overall advertising and ________ strategy and salespromotions for its customers.

a. brand management.

B. brand.

c. product placement.

d. advertising.

83. Mixing continuity and flighting strategies in media scheduling is known as

a. pulsing

B. reach

c. pushing

d. flighting

84. Typical ad agency clients contain businesses and ________, non-profitorganization and government agency.

a. corporate law.

B. company.

c. companies law.

d. corporation.

85. ________ agencies specialize in endorsement of brands in the various social
media platforms like blogs, social network sites, Q&A sites, discussion forums,
micro blogs etc.

a. social media.

B. user-generated contented.

c. friend feed.

d. social network service.

86. Palmer opened the first American advertising agency, in ________ in 1850.

a. pennsylvania

B. philadelphia

c. allentown, pennsylvania

d. pittsburgh

87. Some television stations chose to air infomercials as an alternative to theprevious perform of ________.

a. sign-off.

B. sign-on.

c. itv1.

d. itv.

88. Sponsorship belongs as the promotional tool to

a. business marketing.

B. marketing.

c. marketing management.

d. advertising.

89. An out of home medium that includes posters, on vehicles is known as

a. transit advertising

B. trade advertising

c. publicity

d. professional advertising

90. An increased schedule of advertising above normal levels during peak sellingperiods is known as

a. pulse

B. pitch

c. blink

d. bleed

91. The primary levels of human needs is given by

a. herzberg

B. freud

c. abraham maslow

d. richard petty

92. ____________________ use many kinds of headlines and copy styles, usingvarious appeals keeping in view the product attributes and consumer profile.

a. illustrators

B. copy writers

c. artists

d. animators

93. An series of messages that divide a single idea and theme which make up anintegrated marketing communication (IMC) is known as

a. advertising campaign

B. advertising research.

c. clutter

d. product placement.

94. Brand names that other companies can buy the right to use is known as

a. brand image

B. licensed brands

c. brand identity.

d. brand positioning

95. Majority of the ads appearing online are

a. banner advertisements.

B. pop- up advertising.

c. display advertising

d. corner ads

96. Many advertising experts call the creative brief as the_____________________

a. road map

B. blue print

c. out line

d. key praise

97. SWOT is an acronym for .

a. strengths, weaknesses, opinion and threats

B. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

c. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and thrust. .

d. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and trust

98. A printed information form listing a publications advertising rates is knownas

a. info card

B. rate card

c. ad card

d. premium card

99. Advertising used to communicate an organisations views on issues that affectsociety or business is known as

a. advocacy advertising

B. institutional advertising

c. purposeful advertising

d. emotional advertising

100. To identify the background, learning characteristics, and prerequisite skillsof the audience we need to carry out _______________________.

a. task analysis.

B. media analysis.

c. situational analysis.

d. audience analysis.


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