Multi-core processors Solved MCQs


The idea of cache memory is based           

A. . on the property of locality of reference
B. . on the heuristic 90-10 rule
C. . on the fact that references generally tend to cluster
D. . all of the above
Answer» C. . on the fact that references generally tend to cluster

Systems that do not have parallel processing capabilities are                         

A. . sisd
B. . mimd
C. . simd
D. . misd
Answer» D. . misd

Parallel programs: Which speedup could be achieved according to Amdahl´s law for infinite number of processors if 5% of a program is sequential and the remaining part is ideally parallel?

A. . 10
B. . 20
C. . 30
D. . 40
Answer» B. . 20

In shared bus architecture, the required processor(s) to perform a bus cycle, for fetching data or instructions is                            

A. . one processor
B. . two processor
C. . multi-processor
D. . none of the above
Answer» C. . multi-processor

Alternative way of a snooping-based coherence protocol, is called a

A. . write invalidate protocol
B. . snooping protocol
C. . directory protocol
D. . write update protocol
Answer» C. . directory protocol

If no node having a copy of a cache block, this technique is known as           

A. . cached
B. . un-cached
C. . shared data
D. . valid data
Answer» D. . valid data

All nodes in each dimension form a linear array, in the                  .

A. . star topology
B. . ring topology
C. . connect topology
D. . mesh topology
Answer» D. . mesh topology

tasks being performed in different stages :

A. . require different amount of time
B. . require about the same amount of time
C. . require different amount of time with time difference between any two tasks being same
D. . require different amount with time difference between any two tasks being different
Answer» A. . require different amount of time

The expression 'delayed load' is used in context of

A. . processor-printer communication
B. . memory-monitor communication
C. . pipelining
D. . none of the above
Answer» C. . pipelining

During the execution of the instructions, a copy of the instructions is placed in the            .

A. . register
B. . ram
C. . system heap
D. . cache
Answer» C. . system heap

Producer consumer problem can be solved using                       

A. . semaphores
B. . event counters
C. . monitors
D. . all of the above
Answer» C. . monitors

A situation where several processes access and manipulate the same data concurrently and the outcome of the execution depends on the particular order in which access takes place is called:

A. . data consistency
B. . race condition
C. . aging
D. . starvation
Answer» B. . race condition

Which one of the following statements describes the properties achieved?

A. . mutual exclusion but not progress
B. . progress but not mutual exclusion
C. . neither mutual exclusion nor progress
D. . both mutual exclusion and progress
Answer» A. . mutual exclusion but not progress

All deadlocks involve conflicting needs for                  

A. . resources
B. . users
C. . computers
D. . programs
Answer» A. . resources

To avoid deadlock                     

A. . there must be a fixed number of resources to allocate
B. . resource allocation must be done only once
C. . all deadlocked processes must be aborted
D. . inversion technique can be used
Answer» A. . there must be a fixed number of resources to allocate

processes to solve the critical section problem.

A. . one
B. . two
C. . three
D. . four
Answer» B. . two

Spinlocks are intended to provide                   only.

A. . mutual exclusion
B. . bounded waiting
C. . aging
D. . progress
Answer» B. . bounded waiting

A semaphore is a shared integer variable                     .

A. . lightweight process
B. . that cannot drop below zero
C. . program counter
D. . stack space
Answer» B. . that cannot drop below zero

A critical section is a program segment                         .

A. . where shared resources are accessed
B. . single thread of execution
C. . improves concurrency in multi-core system
D. . lower resource consumption
Answer» D. . lower resource consumption

A counting semaphore was initialized to 10. Then 6 P (wait) operations and 4V (signal) operations were completed on this semaphore. The resulting value of the semaphore is                   

A. . 4
B. . 6
C. . 9
D. . 8
Answer» D. . 8

How many times will process P0 print '0'?

A. . at least twice
B. . one
C. . three
D. . none of the above
Answer» C. . three

A system has 3 processes sharing 4 resources. If each process needs a maximum of 2 units, then                       

A. . better system utilization
B. . deadlock can never occur
C. . responsiveness
D. . faster execution
Answer» C. . responsiveness

code, resources or data in such a way that only one process has access to shared object at a time.

A. . readers_writer locks
B. . barriers
C. . semaphores
D. . mutual exclusion
Answer» C. . semaphores

                     is the ability of multiple processes to co-ordinate their activities by exchange of information.

A. . deadlock
B. . synchronization
C. . mutual exclusion
D. . cache
Answer» A. . deadlock

Paths that have an unbounded number of allowed nonminimal hops from packet sources, this situation is referred to as                  .

A. . livelock
B. . deadlock
C. . synchronization
D. . mutual exclusion
Answer» C. . synchronization
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