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1. Q.1 Source code is not available for user in.

a. open source

B. bharat os

c. linux os

d. none

2. Q.2 Linux is closed source.

a. true

B. false

3. Q.3 Bash is the ___________.

a. shell

B. compiler

c. none

4. Q.4 BOSS is developed by.

a. nasa

B. iucca

c. c-dac

d. nasdaq

5. Q.5 BOSS is developed over.

a. mandrake

B. suse

c. fedora

d. debian

6. Q.6 Android is desktop OS.

a. true

B. false

7. Q.7 3DBlender is close source.

a. true

B. false

8. Q.8 Mozilla Firefox is _________ .

a. browser

B. editor

c. compiler

d. none of above

9. Q.9 Google chrome is _________.

a. compiler

B. os

c. editor

d. none of above

10. Q.10 Windows OS is a closed source.

a. true

B. false

11. Q.11 Microsoft .NET is _________

a. open source

B. closed source

c. browser

d. all of above

12. Q.12 Is the windows command

a. true

B. false

13. Q.13 Which of the following command gives the list of the users in the systems

a. whoami

B. ps

c. ds

d. who

14. Q.14 ________is the linux flavor which runs from CD

a. knopix

B. suse

c. fedora

d. ubuntu

15. OSF stands for_________

a. o.s. factory

B. open software foundation

c. open system foundation

d. none

16. Q.16 Open source software are very costly

a. true

B. false

17. Q.17 Internet Explorer comes along with ________

a. linux

B. windows

c. mac

d. android

18. Q.18 which browser comes with linux by default

a. mozilla firebox

B. ie

c. opera

d. none

19. Q.19 BOSS is developed in _______

a. usa

B. uk

c. india

d. china

20. Q.20 Which of the following is the closed source

a. 3d max

B. blender

c. linux

d. android

21. PHP is the Open Source

a. true

B. false

22. Q.22 ______ Determines which piece of large program need to be recompiled

a. rpm

B. make

c. yum

d. none of above

23. Q.23 ______Execute a command as another user

a. who

B. tty

c. chmod

d. sudo

24. Q.24 __ is used to install and remove packages and control downloading them from a repository

a. rpm

B. who

c. yum

d. is

25. Q.25 Which of the following is not flavor of linux?

a. mandrake

B. susan

c. redhat

d. fedora


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