Advertising and Marketing Research solved MCQs

1.   Men who read sports magazines are ________. Is an example of ?

a. word completion.

B. sentence completion.

c. question completion.

d. story completion

2. A technique in which a consumer is asked to assume the role/behaviour of an object or another person.

a. third- person technique.

B.   cartoon test.

c. role -play.

d. personification

3. Data collected on field.

a. secondary data.

B. internal data.

c. external data

d. primary data

4. Questions that ask respondents to provide a rating on a specific matter on a scale of 1-10 or in a scale of ‘poor’ to ‘good’ is an example of which scale?

a. rank order scaling

B. the staple scale question

c. sematic differential scale

d. rating scale questions

5. What proceeds Analysing and interpreting the outcomes in steps of experimental research methods?

a. reporting results

B. drawing the conclusion

c. measuring the outcomes/ collection of data

d. administration of test/carrying out the study

6. In census the data is collected through ----------

a. standardised tests

B. interviews

c. secondary data

d. observations

7. The ____________________ is the basic unit containing the elements of the population to be sampled.

a. sampling frame

B. population

c. sampling

d. sampling unit

8. A probability sampling technique in which each element in the population has a known and equal probability of selection is known as simple _________.

a. random sampling

B. purposive sampling

c. quota sampling

d. cluster sampling

9. For Devising a Good Questionnaire

a. technical or specialized words be used

B. use long sentences

c. the wording must be kept simple

d. writing style should be inaccurate.

10. Ratio Scale:

a. the most common examples of ratio scales are currency

B. the most common examples of ratio scales are weight, age, height, and money.

d. the most common examples of ratio scales are products

11. Attitude scales are used to measure:

a. attitudes, opinions or values

B. people attitudes

c. attitudes, opinions

d.   attitudes

12. Eye movement camera is used for

a. theatre test

B. positive image building for long term recall

c. tracking movement of the eye over press advertisements

d. sales effect test

13. Which one of the following is NOT used in advertising research?

a. copy testing

B. voting intention

c. pre-testing

d. post-testing

14. To assess if advertisement has achieved its objectives, we will use

a. literature review

B. sampling techniques

c. post testing methods

d. secondary data research

15. Slogan Testing is the method of which research?

a. copy research

B. copy testing

c. pre-testing

d. post-testing

16. Which is the greatest limitation of Pre-testing?

a. ample of concepts

B. halo effect

c. excellent recall

d. expert jury members

17. What is the purpose of copy Research?

a.   to make communication more effective

B. to spot errors in the copy

c. idea generation

d. to find out its comprehension

18. Which test is conducted at the end of the creation process?

a. copy research

B. copy testing

c. pre-testing

d. post testing

19. After the data analysis, the next step is to test the_______.

a. sample design

B. questionnaire designing

c. hypothesis testing

d. presentation

20. In __________ questionnaires are send to the respondents, they fill it up and send it back

a. telephonic survey

B. personal interview

c. mall intercept

d. mail survey

21. An____________ is a scale of measurement where the distance between any two adjacent units of measurement intervals is the same but the zero point is arbitrary

a. attitude scale

B. likert scale

c. interval scale

d. numerical scale

22. Marketing research is continuous and ________process.

a. knowledge

B. systematic

c. specialized

d. promotional

23. New product development research helps companies refine their __________.

a. marketing strategy

B. promotion strategy

c. media strategy

d. product design

24. The health of a brand is measured by its _________.

a.   brand equity

B. brand loyalty

c. brand logo

d. brand association

25. ______________Research of a product is conducted in the laboratory in order to develop a product with latest design.

a. market research

B. advertising research

c. technical research

d. media research


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