Broadcast Journalism solved MCQs

1. Radio broadcasting commenced in India in

a. 1924

B. 1927

c. 1930

d. 1936

2. AIR was called Akashwani in

a. 1947

B. 1957

c. 1960

d. 1972

3. National Channel of All India Radio was inaugurated in

a. 1955

B. 1982

c. 1988

d. 1991

4. Vividh Bharti in AIR was started in

a. 1957

B. 1967

c. 1982

d. 1985

5. Television was invented by

a. marconi

B. thomas alva edison

c. faraday

d. john louis baird

6. When was television introduced in India?

a. 1947

B. 1953

c. 1955

d. 1959

7. Colour transmission was started by Doordarshan in

a. 1976

B. 1982

c. 1984

d. 1986

8. Prasar Bharti came into existence in

a. 1978

B. 1990

c. 1997

d. 1999

9. Which of the following news agencies is different from others?

a. pti

B. uni

c. ani

d. ians

10. The word stringer means

a. part time reporter

B. printer

c. editor

d. correspondent

11. All the television Channels are owned by one particular company except one, which is that

a. sun tv

B. surya tv

c. gemini tv

d. kairali tv

12. UNI for Univarta and PTI

a. pti varta

B. bhasha

c. varta

d. pti hindi

13. Urdu News Service was started for the first time in India by

a. pti

B. irna

c. uni

d. ani

14. The Headquarters of Press Information Bureau is located at

a. new delhi

B. mumbai

c. bamglore

d. chennai

15. Heinrinch Hertz who discovered radio waves belongs to

a. germany

B. sweden

c. usa

d. uk

16. Television was separated from Akashwani and renamed as Doordarshan

a. 1972

B. 1976

c. 1978

d. 1980

17. Department of Information and Broadcasting was set up in

a. 1937

B. 1938

c. 1940

d. 1941

18. Broadcasting subject falls under the

a. state list

B. union list

c. concurrent list

d. changes from time to time

19. Wireless telegraphy was developed by

a. thomas alva edison

B. heinrich hertz

c. guglidmo marconi

d. james watt

20. The distance between one wave crest to the next is known as

a. through

B. radio length

c. wave line

d. wave length

21. A logo is an identity mark of

a. product

B. company

c. person

d. seller

22. Corel Draw is a kind of

a. software

B. paint

c. drawing material

d. printer

23. TRP stands for

a. trade restricted practice

B. total recall percentage

c. television real programme

d. television rating point

24. PTI stands for

a. press trust of india

B. punjab technical institute

c. physical training institute

d. physical training inspector

25. SEBI stands for

a. services evalualion board of india

B. south east broadcast incorporated

c. securities and exchange board of india

d. software export of india


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