Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics solved MCQs

1. What is the full form of ASCI?

a. advertising standard complementary issues

B. act of standard commission issues

c. advertising standard council of india

d. act of security consumer issued

2. What is the full form of FDA?

a. federal drug administration

B. food and drug administration

c. food and damage administration

d. food and drug act

3. There is abolition of children working below the age of?

a. 14

B. 21

c. 19

d. 16

4. Which State has its common family law?

a. jammu and kashmir

B. rajasthan

c. goa

d. tamilnadu

5. The Muslim Women's (Protection of Rights on Divorce) was passed in which year?

a. 1986

B. 1985

c. 1990

d. 1983

6. The consumer today is.

a. prince

B. labour

c. king

d. leader

7. What is another name for Defamation?

a. calumny

B. slander

c. lible

d. prosecution

8. The defamation in Libel includes.

a. printed words

B. spoken words

c. geusters

d. action

9. The Prasar Bharati was established on.

a. november 12,1997

B. november 27,1990

c. november 23,1997

d. october 18, 1996

10. 'Chhayya Geet' and 'Binaca Geet Mala' are radio programme of which radio station?

a. all india radio

B. vivid bharati

c. fm rainbow

d. fm gold

11. What includes in IPR Violations?

a. software piracy

B. misbranding

c. importing banned products

d. illegal marketing

12. Which is the first country to enact a network neutrality law?

a. spain

B. newzealand

c. australia

d. netherlands

13. In RTI, if the consumer made a request to APIO, within how many days the APIO should reply?

a. 38

B. 25

c. 35

d. 40

14. What is not included in Magic Remedy?

a. talisman

B. kavach

c. miraculous powers

d. prescribed medicines

15. The Indecent Representation of Women act came in which year?

a. 1985

B. 1986

c. 1995

d. 1998

16. Copyright is the right not given by the law to.

a. creators of literary

B. dramatic, musical, artistic work

c. translation work

d. businessman

17. For how many years patent is granted for any innovations.

a. 15 years

B. 20 years

c. 40 years

d. 60 years

18. According to ASCI, the advertisement should be.

a. misleading and plagiarized

B. offensive to public

c. harmful products/ unsafe situations

d. honest, safe and with good quality

19. The problem of the portrayal of racism is developed and adopted by the ______________?

a. elite people

B. king

c. government

d. society

20. Mahatma Gandhi being thrown out of the first class compartment in South Africa because of _______discrimination.

a. poverty

B. racial

c. nationality

d. knowledge

21. 'Publicity or acclaim that is full of undue or exaggerated praise'. It is a definition of ______________.

a. puffery

B. sterotyping

c. grey market

d. surrogate advertising

22. A drug shall be deemed to be __________ if it is coloured, coated, powdered, or polished is damaged.

a. drug

B. cosmetic

c. healthy

d. misbranded

23. Section 27 deals with ___________.

a. adulterated drugs

B. misbranded drugs

c. cosmetics

d. spurious drugs

24. Design Act came into force in ________ year.

a. 1889

B. 1913

c. 1940

d. 2000

25. Women being portrayed at home, Cooking cleaning, doing household work is an example of ____________ advertising.

a. gender sterotype

B. eating disorder

c. ideal body image

d. misbranding


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