Economics solved MCQs

1. Which the following was not a feature of the New Industrial Policy 1991?

a. abolition of industrial licensing

B. removal of mrto limit

c. setting up of new public sector enterprises

d. permitted foreign investment

2. One of the policies adopted to make public sector more efficient was

a. increasing operational control on public enterprises by the government

B. increasing government\s shareholding in public enterprises

c. raising fresh equity from the market

d. maintaining public sector monopoly

3. Which of the following is an important banking sector reform introduced in 1991?

a. raising slr and cpr

B. introduction of prudential norms

c. reduce slr

d. rbi determined interest rates

4. Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana provides health insurance coverage to

a. workers in the unorganized sector

B. only women and children

c. workers in the organized sector

d. the entire population

5. Agriculture prices in India are

a. very certain

B. very remunerative

c. same

d. uncertain

6. Agriculture price policy is required to

a. provide incentives to fermers

B. to encourage farmers to spend more

c. to increase income inequality

d. trade policy

7. Minimum Support price guarantees the farmers with

a. high income

B. competitive price

c. floor price

d. low income

8. Issue Price is at which the government supplies food grains

a. to the middlemen

B. to ration shops

c. low price

d. in the open market

9. Fair price shops protect the interest of

a. poor farmers

B. poor people

c. poor consumers

d. poor traders

10. Price policy mainly benefits

a. marginal farmers

B. middle man

c. small farmers

d. large farmers

11. The healthcare industry includes

a. hospitals

B. health insurance

c. pharmaceutical companies

d. health realtes

12. The FDI limit permitted for all health related services under automatic route is

a. 0.51

B. 1

c. 0.26

d. 0.74

13. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the Indian health care industry?

a. inadequate insurance coverage

B. high incidence of diseases

c. inadequate infrastructure

d. every citizen has access to high quality services

14. Which of the following is a growth potential in the healthcare industry in India?

a. telemedicine

B. expanding medical tourism

c. growing insurance market

d. all the above

15. Type of tourism that helps conserve natural diversity is

a. heritage tourism

B. eco tourism

c. medical tourism

d. adventure tourism

16. Which of the following is not a feature of the tourism industry?

a. has high employment potential

B. it is composite of several service providers

c. does not harm the natural environment

d. has high foreign exchange earning potential

17. In 2017 advances of commercial banks to the priority sector was

a. 0.4

B. more than 40%

c. less then 40%

d. 0.45

18. Financial inclusion aims at providing financial services to

a. poor people

B. indian investors abroad

c. banking

d. industrialists

19. In recent years Indian banks have increased their efficiency by

a. by reducing number of employees

B. expansion

c. using information technology

d. by increasing number of branches

20. In recent years the number of RRBs has

a. remained constant

B. decreased

c. low

d. increased

21. Virtual banking aims at rendering banking services through

a. branch expansion

B. advancing cheap creadit

c. use of it services

d. low expansion

22. The IRDA act passed in the year

a. 1948

B. 1951

c. 2000

d. 1999

23. Which of the following statements best defines FDI

a. loans from multilateral institutions like imf and world bank

B. investment in foreign assets to acquire lasting business interest

c. buying shares of companies in a foreign country without gaining control over management

d. foreign currency deposits of non-resident citizens

24. Which of the following constitutes foreign direct investment?

a. purchase of stock

B. reinvestment of earnings by a wholly owned subsidiary abroad

c. investment by all types for abroad

d. lending of funds to a foreign subsidiary

25. Which of the following best describes horizontal foreign direct investment?

a. long term lending to a foreign firm

B. fdi in the same industry abroad as the foreign investor firm

c. fdi into industry that provide inputs to the firm

d. fdi into industry that uses the firm\s output


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