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1. Unix OS was first developed by

a. dennis ritchie

B. bjarne stroustrup

c. ken thompson

d. brian kernighan

2. Unix OS was first developed at

a. microsoft corp. usa

B. at & t bell labs, usa

c. ibm, usa

d. borland international, usa

3. Unix is written in

a. c language

B. ada language

c. perl language

d. pascal language

4. Unix is a

a. single user, single tasking os

B. single user, multi-tasking os

c. multi-user, multi- tasking os

d. none

5. Which of the following is a command for searching a pattern in a file?

a. find

B. b. group

c. c.look up.

d. none

6. Unix Command can be typed in

a. lower case

B. upper case

c. both the cases

d. none

7. Shell Program is stored in a file called

a. unix

B. sh

c. dd

d. cc

8. WhicBh shell offers a command history feature

a. c shell

B. visual shell

c. bourne shell

d. korn shell

9. The minimum number of links for any directory file are

a. 3

B. 4

c. 1

d. 2

10. The default value of Umask is

a. 1024

B. 4021

c. 0022

d. 1001

11. Binary executable required for system administration is usually placed in ________ directory.

a. letc

B. lusr

c. ldev

d. none

12. All user directories are usually placed in _________ directory.

a. letc

B. lusr

c. ldev

d. none

13. If there are three links for a file then the number of copies of the file would be

a. one

B. two

c. three

d. four

14. After typing the contents of file test created by you by giving the command cat>test you save the contents by

a. pressing the keys ctrl-c

B. typing save and pressing enter

c. pressing esc key

d. pressing ctrl-d

15. The file for which we do not have write permission can be deleted using the command

a. rm-i file

B. rm-i file

c. rm-r-file

d. rm-f-file

16. The permission 746 can be represented as

a. rwxrwx- -x

B. rw- -w-r-x

c. rwxr-xr-x

d. rwxr- -rw–

17. A Sticky bit applies to a file would mean that

a. no one can remove it

B. it would stick around in memory even when its execution is over

c. next time you login it would get executed on its own

d. none of the above

18. The command pwd gives

a. present working directory

B. password in encrypted form

c. password in decrypted form

d. none

19. Which of the following is not a unix command

a. cd

B. rm

c. pwd

d. del

20. The size of any block in the unix file system is

a. 512 bytes

B. 1024 bytes

c. 2048 bytes

d. any of the above

21. To find the block size on your file system the command is

a. blksz

B. szblk

c. chksz

d. cmchk

22. Each entry in inode table is of size

a. 64 kb

B. 32kb

c. 32 bytes

d. 64 bytes

23. The program contained in boot block, that loads kernel into memory is called

a. disk bootstrap program

B. master boot program

c. shell program

d. none of the above

24. The state of the file system is contained in

a. boot block

B. a special block created by book block

c. super block

d. none of the above

25. Which file gets executed when we use the passwd command

a. /etc/passwd

B. /etc/pwd

c. /bin/passwd

d. /passwd


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