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Issues and Political Processes in Modern India Solved MCQs


The term fourth estate denotes

A. legislature
B. executive
C. judiciary
D. media
Answer» D. media

Cripps Mission came to India in:

A. 1928
B. 1940
C. 1942
D. 1945
Answer» C. 1942

Provisional autonomy was introduced in India Under the :

A. act of 1919
B. minto-morley reforms act 1909
C. government of india act 1935
D. none of the above
Answer» C. government of india act 1935

The first All India Women’s Organization was formed in

A. 1918
B. 1917
C. 1916
D. 1919
Answer» B. 1917

. Who was the founder of Indian National Congress?

A. a o. hume
B. w c. banerjee
C. dadabhai naoroji
D. motilal nehru
Answer» A. a o. hume

The all parties conference was held at Delhi in February 1928 at the initiative of

A. the britishers
B. the muslim league
C. the swarajist party
D. indian national congress
Answer» D. indian national congress

What does DMK stand for

A. delhi munnetra kazhagam
B. dravida munnetra kazhagam
C. dravida manipur kazhagam
D. dravida megha kerala
Answer» B. dravida munnetra kazhagam

Which of the following is not a regional party of India.

A. aiadmk
B. telugu desam
C. national conference
D. cpi(m)
Answer» D. cpi(m)

During which of the following years the Congress party has faced serious electoral reverses?

A. 1967
B. 1977
C. 1989
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

The communist party of India was established in the year

A. 1935
B. 1950
C. 1893
D. 1920
Answer» D. 1920

In which year Communist party was divided into CPI and CPI(M)

A. 1960
B. 1964
C. 1968
D. 1972
Answer» B. 1964

Who among the following believed that communalism came to India with the British?

A. mahatma gandhi
B. gokhale
C. saradar patel
D. tilak
Answer» A. mahatma gandhi

The Third Round Table Conference was held in 1932 at :

A. calcutta
B. simla
C. lahore
D. london
Answer» D. london

------means love of a particular region or state in preference to the country as a whole

A. nationalism
B. regionalism
C. ethinicism
D. none of the above
Answer» B. regionalism

Which of the following are the important socio-economic factors of regional imbalance in India.

A. per capita income
B. regional location of industries
C. population below poverty line
D. all
Answer» D. all

Communalism is opposed to :

A. secularism
B. racial conflict
C. amity between class
D. all of the above
Answer» A. secularism

Which is the following problems most fostered regionalism in India?

A. social
B. economic
C. religious
D. both (a) and (b)
Answer» D. both (a) and (b)

Which of the following caste groups are regarded as the so called ‘twice born’?

A. brahmins
B. kshatriyas
C. vaishayas
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

Democratic socialism is a modern version of

A. revisionalism
B. guild socialism
C. fabian socialism
D. syndicalism
Answer» C. fabian socialism

As a political strategy, communalism is opposed to

A. nationalism
B. regionalism
C. localism
D. internationalism
Answer» A. nationalism

The famous work ‘Communalism in Modern India’ is written by

A. runki basu
B. ashutosh varshney
C. bipan chandra
D. none of the
Answer» C. bipan chandra

Jawaharlal Nehru once described communalism as the Indian version of

A. fascism
B. apartheid
C. nazism
D. none of the above
Answer» A. fascism

Who is a leading Champion of the concept of the secular state

A. jawaharal nehru
B. sarvakar
C. jinnah
D. tilak
Answer» A. jawaharal nehru

The Supreme Court of India was set up

A. by the constitution.
B. by a law of parliament
C. by presidential order
D. none of the
Answer» A. by the constitution.

“A caste is a group of structural or potential kinsmen.” Who said?

A. fg bailey
B. m n srinivas
C. jawaharlal nehru
D. none of the above
Answer» A. fg bailey

Caste in India is an endogamous kinship group known as

A. varna
B. religion
C. slave
D. jati
Answer» D. jati

People are usually classified into upper, middle and lower classes on the basis of

A. caste
B. clan
C. class
D. occupation
Answer» C. class

The judges of the Supreme Court hold office till they reach the age of

A. 58years
B. 60years
C. 65years.
D. there is no upper age limit.
Answer» C. 65years.

Who made a statement that, “India is not a one party state, and it is a one dominant party system”.

A. mahatma gandhi
B. morris jones
C. m n roy
D. john rawls
Answer» B. morris jones

Who said ‘ All communalism is harmful? The logic of minority communalism is separatism, and majority communalism culminates in fascism’?

A. bhikhu parekh
B. t n madan
C. bipin chandra
D. ashish nandy
Answer» C. bipin chandra

--------- is considered to be the core of a political party

A. regulations
B. ideology
C. rules
D. customs
Answer» B. ideology

“Secularism is neither a religion nor indifference to religion but equal respect for all religions” who said it

A. indira gandhi
B. guru nanak
C. nehru
D. m n roy
Answer» A. indira gandhi

Which Article- provides for the setting of a National Commission for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes

A. art 370
B. art. 338
C. art 332
D. art 335
Answer» B. art. 338

who among the following established Congress government in Madras

A. c raja gopalachari
B. c v ramaswami
C. indira gandhi
D. subhash chandra bose
Answer» A. c raja gopalachari

Which of the following Amendments to the Indian constitution has made the word secular, in the preambles?

A. 43rd
B. 42nd
C. 44th
D. 40th
Answer» B. 42nd

Which one of the following person is known as ‘Iron man of India ’?

A. nehru
B. gandhi
C. bhagat singh
D. sardar patel
Answer» D. sardar patel

The words ‘socialist, secular and integrity’ have been inserted preamble in

A. 1977
B. 1976
C. 1972
D. 1974
Answer» B. 1976

Indian National Congress was established in the year

A. 1886
B. 1881
C. 1885
D. 1180
Answer» C. 1885

Mound Batten in his plan favoured :

A. akhand bharat
B. partition of the country
C. federation of the hindu and muslim provinces
D. none of the above
Answer» B. partition of the country

National conference is an important political party in the state of

A. jammu and kashmir
B. andhra pradesh
C. assam
D. tripura
Answer» A. jammu and kashmir

State emergency is mentioned under……. Article

A. 352
B. 356
C. 360
D. 123
Answer» B. 356

Which constitutional Amendment Act (2002) makes education for children between 6 to 14 years of age a fundamental right?

A. 81st
B. 85th
C. 86th
D. 87th
Answer» C. 86th

------------ among the following can be considered as a link between the government and the people.

A. the judiciary
B. political party
C. bureaucracy
D. democratic
Answer» B. political party

The first general election in India took place in the year

A. 1950
B. 1951
C. 1952
D. 1953
Answer» C. 1952

India is a ------ state

A. theocratic
B. secular
C. anti religious
D. aristocratic
Answer» B. secular

The National Commission for Women came into existence on January 31.

A. 1945
B. 1991
C. 1992
D. 1993
Answer» C. 1992

Which of the following shall not be considered an adequate ground for the issue of a proclamation of national emergency ?

A. war
B. external aggression n
C. armed rebellion
D. internal disturbance
Answer» D. internal disturbance

The Union List consists of

A. 97 subjects
B. 61 subjects
C. 47 subjects
D. 73 subjects
Answer» A. 97 subjects

In a federal system the guardian of the Constitution is

A. the parliament
B. the judiciary
C. the council of ministers
D. the national security advisor
Answer» B. the judiciary

The term casteism was originated from ………language

A. portugese
B. french
C. german
D. italian
Answer» A. portugese

Which nation enjoys the title of classical federalism

A. england
B. u.s.a
C. france.
D. india
Answer» B. u.s.a

The condition of women in Vedic age

A. inequality
B. no freedom
C. no right
D. equality with men
Answer» B. no freedom

Who use the technique spreading terror by killing innocent people to achieve their goals

A. communalist
B. secularist
C. terrorist
D. politicians
Answer» C. terrorist

What are the major issues in Indian democracy

A. communalism
B. religious fundamentalism
C. regionalism
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

Which of the following Schedules of the constitution of India has to be amended to provide For the formation of a new state

A. first schedule
B. second schedule
C. third schedule
D. seventh schedule.
Answer» A. first schedule

In 1966 Shiv Sena was organized under the leadership of

A. bal thackeray
B. ramaswamy
C. v.venkatesan
D. mayavathi
Answer» A. bal thackeray

In 1937, a Congress government was formed in Madras under the leadership of

A. e.v. ramaswami naicker
B. rao c)
C. rajagopalachari
D. kripalini
Answer» C. rajagopalachari

“Hindu” in the present concept may be a Dravidian, but a Dravidian in the real sense of the term cannot and shall not be a Hindu’s .Who said?

A. anna durai
B. rajagopalachari
C. naicker
D. gandhi
Answer» B. rajagopalachari

Which article provides that no child below the age of 14 shall be employed to work in any hazardous employment

A. article 30
B. article19
C. article15
D. article24
Answer» D. article24

Which part of Indian constitution deals with fundamental rights

A. part iii
B. part v
C. part ii
D. part iv
Answer» A. part iii

Directive Principles of state policy is included in which chapter of the Indian constitution deals with part Indian constitution

A. part iii
B. part v
C. part iv
D. part ii
Answer» C. part iv

Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Castes face many problems such as

A. social disparities
B. economic backwardness
C. political disparities
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

In Kerala first ministry was formed under the leadership of

A. pattam a thanu pillai
B. ems namboodiripad
C. r sankar
D. c achutha menon
Answer» B. ems namboodiripad

The congress working committee adopted the Quit India resolution at its meeting held in July 1942 at

A. bombay
B. calcutta
C. wardha
D. nagpur
Answer» C. wardha

Which of the following committee investigate the nexus between criminals, bureaucracy and politicians?

A. ashok mehta committee
B. rao committee
C. vohra committee
D. singhvi committee
Answer» B. rao committee

Who among the following established All India Depressed Class in 1942?

A. ambedkar
B. gandhiji
C. m.n.roy
D. indira gandhi
Answer» A. ambedkar

When was the state of Kerala formed?

A. 1950
B. 1951
C. 1952
D. 1956
Answer» D. 1956

The present Chief Minister of Kerala is

A. v.s. achuthanandan
B. pinarayi vijayan
C. a.k. antony
D. ramesh chennithala
Answer» B. pinarayi vijayan

What is the correct sequence of the following chief ministers of Kerala? I C Achuthamenon II.. Pattam Thanu pillai III. R. Sankar lV. E.M.S. Namboodiripad

A. iv,ii,iii ,i
B. ii,iv,i,iii
C. iv,iii,ii,i
D. i, iv,iii,ii
Answer» A. iv,ii,iii ,i

Santhanam Committee on prevention of corruption was appointed in

A. 1961
B. 1963
C. 1962
D. 1964
Answer» D. 1964

Which of the following was the first all Indian women’s organization which came into force in 1926?

A. all india women’s conference
B. national council for women in india
C. national federation of women in india
D. self employed women’s association.
Answer» B. national council for women in india

Which article mentions about Financial Aid to states

A. art .24
B. art.275
C. art.51
D. art. 34
Answer» B. art.275

The salary of judges during their offices can be reduced by the

A. article 352
B. article 356
C. article 360
D. article 359
Answer» C. article 360

The states enjoy exclusive jurisdiction over subjects of

A. union list
B. state list
C. residuary list
D. concurrent list
Answer» B. state list

84th constitution Amendment Act gives reservation for?

A. higher caste
B. obc
C. anglo indians, sc, and stc
D. none of these
Answer» C. anglo indians, sc, and stc

Which article deals free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen year

A. article 22a
B. article 21a
C. article 20 a
D. article 20 a
Answer» B. article 21a

Child labor Act was enacted in

A. 1986
B. 1988
C. 1987
D. 1990
Answer» A. 1986

The minimum age for marriage is that the boy must be ---------- and the girl----------

A. 21 yrs and 18yrs
B. 20yrs and 14 yrs
C. 22yrs, 18yrs
D. 22 yrs and 18 years
Answer» A. 21 yrs and 18yrs

Borstal schools are established for offenders below the age of

A. 17
B. 16
C. 14
D. 10
Answer» B. 16

International Day for the Elimination of violence against women is observed on

A. 25th november
B. 26th december
C. 24th march
D. 24th november
Answer» A. 25th november

The self Employed women’s Association of India (SEWA) was formed by

A. medha padkar
B. menaka gandhi
C. dr. ela bhatt
D. none of these
Answer» C. dr. ela bhatt

National Commission of Scheduled Tribes has been under Article

A. 31a
B. 33a
C. 32a
D. 338a
Answer» D. 338a

Reservation for seats for SC and ST in Loksabha comes under

A. art 330
B. art 110
C. art 370
D. art 315
Answer» A. art 330

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) was formed in

A. 2005
B. 2007
C. 2006
D. 2009
Answer» B. 2007

Which one of the following movements received maximum support in foreign countries

A. quit india movement
B. home rule movement
C. non- co-operation movement
D. civil
Answer» B. home rule movement

The chairperson and members of the Kerala State Commission for Women (KWC) hold office for a period of

A. 3 years
B. 5 years
C. 1years
D. 4 years
Answer» B. 5 years

Who was the founder of Muslim League?

A. kabir das
B. m.a. jinnah
C. agha khan
D. muhammed iqbal
Answer» B. m.a. jinnah

Who was the first Home Minister of India?

A. b. r.ambedkar
B. nehru
C. sardar patel
D. maulana azad
Answer» C. sardar patel

Which country is affected by the terrorist organization ‘ Boko Haram “

A. namibia
B. china
C. tailand
D. nigeria
Answer» D. nigeria

An act in violation of the penal laws of a state

A. deponent
B. crime
C. conviction
D. none of these
Answer» B. crime

Name the first Malayalee women Chief Justice of Kerala High Court.

A. sara joseph
B. anna chandy
C. fathima beevi
D. none of these
Answer» C. fathima beevi

Who among the following is the present chairperson of KWC

A. k k usha
B. m.c. josephine
C. k r gauri
D. none of these
Answer» B. m.c. josephine

Terrorist and Disruptive Activities ( prevention ) Act was passed by parliament in

A. 1985
B. 1988
C. 1981
D. 1990
Answer» A. 1985

Who was the president of Indian National Congress when it launched quit India movement?

A. subash chandra bose
B. jawaharlal nehru
C. j b kripalini
D. abdul kalam azad
Answer» D. abdul kalam azad

Who founded Harijan Sevak Sangh in 1932 to eradicate untouchability?

A. b r ambedkar
B. gandhiji
C. m n roy
D. raja ram mohan roy
Answer» B. gandhiji

In which five year plans, preference was given to the weaker sections of the society

A. 6th
B. 5th
C. 4th
D. 3rd
Answer» B. 5th

Where are juvenile delinquents sent to?

A. jail
B. children homes
C. borstal schools
D. none of the above
Answer» C. borstal schools

Who among the following has listed nine main features of the caste system?

A. b.r ambedkar
B. m n srinivas
C. gandhi
D. (a) and (b)
Answer» B. m n srinivas

Who wrote that Caste as been politicized but in the process it has provided to Indian political process and symbols of political articulation’?

A. m.n. srinivas
B. nehru
C. rajini kothari
D. gandhi
Answer» C. rajini kothari

The oldest women’s organization formed in 1927 is

A. self employed women’s association
B. working women’s conference
C. all india women’s conference
D. national federation of indian women
Answer» C. all india women’s conference
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