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76. Which part of the constitution deals with the panchayats?

a. part ix

B. part x

c. part ix

d. part xi

77. The panchayat system was adopted to:

a. to decentralise the power of democracy

B. make people aware of politics

c. educate the peasants

d. none of this

78. Which of the following states have no panchayati raj institution at all?

a. nagaland

B. assam

c. kerala

d. tripura

79. At present, how many high courts are there in India?

a. 25

B. 21

c. 28

d. 29

80. Which one of the following article deals with the appointment of judges?

a. article 214

B. article 217

c. article 226

d. article 216

81. High courts issue writs under article.........?

a. 220

B. 221

c. 213

d. 226

82. The chief justice and other judges of the high courts are appointed by which one ofthe following?

a. prime minister

B. chief minister

c. governor

d. president

83. Which is the oldest known system designed for the redressal of citizen's grievance?

a. ombudsman system

B. lokpal

c. lokayukta

d. none of the above

84. Which was the first Indian state to establish the institution of Lokayukta?

a. bihar

B. uttar pradesh

c. andhra pradesh

d. maharashtra

85. When did The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 came into force?

a. january 2013

B. may 2013

c. december 2013

d. january 2013

86. Who appoints the Lokayukta and Upalokayukta?

a. governor of the state

B. chief minister

c. speaker of lok sabha

d. judge of high court

87. Which state's Lokayukta's office is considered to be the strongest in terms of powerand scope?

a. bihar

B. karnataka

c. andhra pradesh

d. maharashtra

88. The fundamental duties are included in the constitution by which of the followingact?

a. 40th amendment act

B. 44th amendment act

c. 43rd amendment act

d. 42nd amendment act

89. The fundamental duties are mentioned in which of the following?

a. part-iv a

B. part-iv

c. part-iii

d. in schedule iv-a

90. Which of the following article of the Constitution contains fundamental duties?

a. 45 a

B. 51 a

c. 42

d. 30b

91. Which of the following are fundamental duties?

a. safeguarding public property

B. protecting the sovereignty, integrity and unity of india

c. developing scientific temper and humanism

d. all the above

92. Which of the following committee suggested to incorporate fundamental duties inthe constitution?

a. malhotra committee

B. raghavan committee

c. swaran singh committee

d. narasimhan committee

93. Which of the following Articles contain the right to religious freedom?

a. 25-28

B. 29-30

c. 32-35

d. 23-24

94. Which article of the Constitution abolishes Untouchability?

a. article 18

B. article 15

c. article 14

d. article 17

95. Which of the following is correct with respect to “Right against exploitation”?

a. prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour

B. freedom as to payment of taxes for the promotion of any particular religion

c. protection of interests of minorities

d. equality before law

96. In which part of the Indian Constitution, the Fundamental rights are provided?

a. part ii

B. part iii

c. part v

d. part iv

97. Which of the following article of the Constitution is directed to establish UniformCivil Code?

a. article 45

B. article 39

c. article 44

d. article 40

chapter:   Indian Constitution

98. The idea of Constituent Assembly to frame a constitution for India was first mooted by

a. MN Roy in 1927

B. Indian National Congress in 1936

c. Muslim League in 1942

99. The first session of the Constituent Assembly was held in

a. New Delhi

B. Bombay

c. Kolkata

100. The Objective Resolution, which outlined the philosophy of India constitution wasmoved in the Constituent Assembly by

a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

B. Dr. BR Ambedkar

c. Jawaharlal Nehru


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