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8086 Microprocessor Solved MCQs

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A microprocessor is a _______ chip integrating all the functions of a CPU of a computer.

A. multiple
B. single
C. double
D. triple
Answer» B. single

Microprocessor is a/an _______ circuit that functions as the CPU of the compute

A. electronic
B. mechanic
C. integrating
D. processing
Answer» A. electronic

Microprocessor is the ______ of the computer and it perform all the computational tasks

A. main
B. heart
C. important
D. simple
Answer» B. heart

The purpose of the microprocessor is to control ______

A. memory
B. switches
C. processing
D. tasks
Answer» A. memory

The first digital electronic computer was built in the year________

A. 1950
B. 1960
C. 1940
D. 1930
Answer» C. 1940

In 1960's texas institute invented ______

A. integrated circuits
B. microprocessor
C. vacuum tubes
D. transistors
Answer» A. integrated circuits

The intel 8086 microprocessor is a _______ processor

A. 8 bit
B. 16 bit
C. 32 bit
D. 4 bit
Answer» B. 16 bit

The microprocessor can read/write 16 bit data from or to ________

A. memory
B. i /o device
C. processor
D. register
Answer» A. memory

The work of EU is ________

A. encoding
B. decoding
C. processing
D. calculations
Answer» B. decoding

The 16 bit flag of 8086 microprocessor is responsible to indicate ___________

A. the condition of result of alu operation
B. the condition of memory
C. the result of addition
D. the result of subtraction
Answer» A. the condition of result of alu operation

The CF is known as ________

A. carry flag
B. condition flag
C. common flag
D. single flag
Answer» A. carry flag

The SF is called as ________

A. service flag
B. sign flag
C. single flag
D. condition flag
Answer» B. sign flag

The OF is called as _______

A. overflow flag
B. overdue flag
C. one flag
D. over flag
Answer» A. overflow flag

The IF is called as _________

A. initial flag
B. indicate flag
C. interrupt flag
D. inter flag
Answer» C. interrupt flag

The register AX is formed by grouping ________

A. ah & al
B. bh & bl
C. ch & cl
D. dh & dl
Answer» A. ah & al

The SP is indicated by ________

A. single pointer
B. stack pointer
C. source pointer
D. destination pointer
Answer» B. stack pointer

The BP is indicated by _______

A. base pointer
B. binary pointer
C. bit pointer
D. digital pointer
Answer» A. base pointer

The SS is called as ________

A. single stack
B. stack segment
C. sequence stack
D. random stack
Answer» B. stack segment

The index register are used to hold _______

A. memory register
B. offset address
C. segment memory
D. offset memory
Answer» B. offset address

The BIU contains FIFO register of size __________ bytes

A. 8
B. 6
C. 4
D. 12
Answer» B. 6

The BIU prefetches the instruction from memory and store them in ________

A. queue
B. register
C. memory
D. stack
Answer» A. queue

The 1 MB byte of memory can be divided into ______ segment

A. 1 kbyte
B. 64 kbyte
C. 33 kbyte
D. 34 kbyte
Answer» B. 64 kbyte

The DS is called as _______

A. data segment
B. digital segment
C. divide segment
D. decode segment
Answer» A. data segment

The CS register stores instruction _____________ in code segment

A. stream
B. path
C. codes
D. stream line
Answer» C. codes

The IP is ________ bits in length

A. 8 bits
B. 4 bits
C. 16 bits
D. 32 bits
Answer» C. 16 bits
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