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1. UML activity diagrams are useful in representing which analysis model elements?

a. behavioral elements

B. class-based elements

c. flow-based elements

d. scenario-based

2. In an Activity Diagram, organizing the activities into groups is called ________

a. forking

B. joining

c. swimlane

d. synchronization

3. ________ is used to represent concurrent flows in an Activity Diagram

a. slide bar

B. synchronization bar

c. swim lane

d. branch

4. Objects placed in an Activity Diagram are connected to the activity or transition using  ________  relationship

a. association

B. generalization

c. dependency

d. realization

5. ________  is a path from one activity state to the next activity state. 

a. action state

B. activity state

c. transition

d. fork

6. Executable atomic computations are called as  ________

a. action states??

B. activity states

c. composite states??

d. concurrent states

7. Activity diagram is a special kind of ________

a. use case diagram??

B. state chart diagram??

c. interaction diagram??

d. component diagram

8. Executable non atomic computations are called as ________

a. action states??

B. activity states??

c. transitions

d. simple states

9. which of the following is NOT present in an Activity Diagram? 

a. action states??

B. objects

c. events??

d. notes

10. In an Activity Diagram, transitions belongs to ________

a. trigger oriented transitions??

B. self transitions??

c. internal transitions??

d. completion transitions

11. ________  uses the services of the system under design to fulfill the goals. 

a. primary actor??

B. supporting actor??

c. offstage actor??

d. secondary actor

12. Which of the following diagrams is used to model business workflows? 

a. deployment diagram??

B. activity diagram??

c. use case diagram??

d. interaction diagram

13. The scenario of a use case is graphically represented using ________

a. deployment diagram??

B. sequence diagram??

c. use case diagram??

d. interaction diagram

14. A ________  is a stream of messages exchanged between objects

a. sequence??

B. modeling

c. transition??

d. objects

15. An ________ shows an interaction consisting of a set of objects and their relationships, including the messages. 

a. interaction diagram??

B. class diagram??

c. use case diagram??

d. activity diagram

16. ________  diagram illustrates use case realizations.

a. sequence

B. class

c. use case

d. activity??

17. Which of the following doesn't include in message types? 

a. call??

B. return

c. send??

d. delete

18. Interaction diagrams are of ________ types. 

a. 1

B. 2

c. 3

d. 4

19. ________   are used to model the dynamic aspects of collaborations. 

a. sequence diagrams??

B. structural

c. interactions??

d. messages??

20. A set of messages exchanged among a set of objects is called as  ________

a. use case??

B. activity

c. interaction

d. deployment

21. Sequence of messages is emphasized by ________ diagram. 

a. state chart??

B. sequence??

c. activity??

d. collaboration

22. ________  specifies a path to send and receive messages between two objects

a. link

B. sequencing

c. object

d. role

23. which diagram is used to show interactions between messages are classified as?

a. activity

B. state chart

c. collaboration

d. object lifeline

24. ___________diagram is time-oriented?

a. collaboration

B. sequence

c. activity

d. use case

25. which term are combined Interaction Diagram?

a. sequence diagram + collaboration diagram

B. activity diagram + state chart diagram

c. deployment diagram + collaboration diagram

d. activity diagram + deployment diagram


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