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1. Who is the founder of Rural Sociology?

a. c j galpin

B. robert mayor

c. august comte

d. george simmel

2. What year did Rural Sociology start?

a. 1820

B. 1836

c. 1857

d. 1928

3. Who wrote the book “Rural Sociology in India”?

a. m n srinivas

B. a r desai

c. c j galpin

d. k s singh

4. Who authored the book “Ancient Law”?

a. aristotle

B. plato

c. socrates

d. henry s. maine

5. Which are the prominent factors influence the systematic emergence of Rural Sociologyin India?

a. philosophy, enlightenment & modernity

B. british administration & independence movement

c. promulgation of constitution & implementation of cdp

d. emergence of rural society

6. Where Rural Sociology did firstly developed in world?

a. egypt

B. usa

c. india

d. europe

7. Who are the authors of the book “A systematic source Book in Rural Sociology” in1930?

a. comte, spencer & durkheim

B. m n srinivas, mckim marriot & s c dube

c. t l smith, henry maine & d s chapin

d. sorokin, zimmerman & c j galpin

8. Which work was considered as the milestone in Rural Sociological literature?

a. a systematic source book in rural sociology

B. rural sociology in india

c. ancient society

d. ancient law

9. Village is a unit of ………………

a. society

B. rural society

c. indian society

d. world

10. Which are the prominent groups constituted the Jajmani system in rural society?

a. service caste & dominant caste

B. jajman & service caste

c. kamin & dominant caste

d. jajman & kamin

11. ………a society coming after the hunting and gathering society

a. agrarian society

B. industrial society

c. pre-industrial society

d. food gathering society

12. ……… an approach analyzed Indian villages through different historical periods

a. ecological approach

B. integrationist approach

c. historical approach

d. isolationist approach

13. Who conceptualizes Indian villages as a republic?

a. maine

B. metcalf

c. srinivas

d. beteille

14. Which are the ancient texts explains about the village official structure in India?

a. ramayana, mahaharata & manusmriti

B. ancient law, ancient society & village society

c. manusmriti, arthasastra & ain-i- akbari

d. manimekhala, chilappathikaram, bhagawathgeetha

15. Who was the Gramani in village

a. an ancient village official

B. ancient village head

c. medieval village men

d. modern village official

16. Who was appointing the Gramani?

a. collector

B. king

c. british official

d. village head

17. Which are the forms of villages explained in Valmiki Ramayana?

a. rural & urban

B. gramam & village

c. ghosh & gram

d. primitive & non-primitive village

18. ………is the small villages situated near forests

a. village

B. rural

c. gram

d. ghosh

19. Which was the local body fulfils the judicial functions in village society?

a. gana

B. gramini

c. vishanti

d. shati

20. Who wrote the article “Victory of village”?

a. d d kosambi

B. r d mckenzie

c. m n srinivas

d. v disuza

21. …………is an approach analyzed village social structure on the basis of habitation

a. historical approach

B. evolutionary approach

c. habitual approach

d. ecological approach

22. Who are the important sociologists applied ecological approach for the analysis of villagecommunity?

a. a r desai & irawati karve

B. s c dube & irawati karve

c. m n srinivas & d d kosambi

d. d d kosambi & r d mckenzie

23. Which is the major factor influencing the capacity of people to grade the objectivity andsubjectivity?

a. socialization

B. operant conditioning

c. social conditioning

d. economic conditioning

24. Which is the book of Irawati Karve explained about the village community in India?

a. group relations in village community

B. kinship organizations in india

c. india’s village

d. india’s changing village

25. Which is the work of S C Dube explained about the complete village social structure?

a. social structure of indian village

B. anatomy of indian village

c. india’s village

d. indian village


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