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1. Advertising that is set in small type and arranged according to categories orinterests

a. display ads

B. classified ads

c. testimonial ads

d. banner ads

2. The process of reserving time or time periods with a station or network; checkingon available advertising time.

a. free time

B. cross time

c. clear time

d. reserved time

3. The highest possible rate for advertising time or space.

a. gross rate

B. consumer rate

c. ad rate

d. cost

4. Advertising that is under complete control of the advertiser, established medium

a. direct advertising

B. brand advertising

c. display ad

d. classified ad

5. A /an __________ reimburses a retailer for extra in-store support or specialfeaturing of a brand.

a. organizational allowance

B. merchandise allowance

c. case allowance

d. finance allowance

6. Sales tools used to support a company's advertising and personal selling directed towholesalers, retailers, or distributors are called

a. trade-oriented sales promotions

B. consumer promotions

c. manufacturers promotions

d. sales promotions

7. In planning and obtaining publicity, a frequently used tool is the __________,which is an announcement regarding changes in the company or the product line.

a. trade show

B. news release

c. infomercial

d. double-page spread

8. The ad advised readers to "try your skill at using our cream cheese to create anexciting new recipe and you may be the winner of a trip for two to Hawaii." This ad was promoting a,

a. premium

B. sweepstakes

c. deal

d. contest

9. A/An __________ made up of the company’s own advertising staff may providefull services or a limited range of services.

a. intrafirm agency

B. in-house agency

c. promotional department

d. full-service agency

10. Expand ISA :

a. international society of advertisers

B. indian society of advertisers

c. international sort of advertisers

d. informative and service advertisements

11. The most common form of outdoor advertising is

a. stadium advertising

B. advertising on taxis

c. advertising on bus backs

d. billboard advertising

12. Billboard advertising is most effective for __________ advertising.

a. pioneering

B. advocacy

c. reminder

d. comparative

13. One reason for using magazines as an advertising medium is

a. their ability to target specific audiences

B. the short lead time needed to place an ad

c. their low cost

d. the lack of noise associated with the use of magazines in the communication

14. AAAI represents;

a. american agency for advertisers information

B. advertising agencies association of india

c. association of advertising agencies in india

d. indian association of advertising agencies

15. Three commonly used trade promotions are

a. coupons, rebates, and discounts

B. allowances and discounts, cooperative advertising, and training of distributor\s sales forces

c. cooperative advertising, merchandise allowances, and points-of-purchase displays

d. allowances and discounts, consumer promotions, and merchandise allowances

16. AdSense is,

a. an advertising agency

B. set of regulations and standards in advertising

c. google’s advertising programme to display ads in web pages

d. awareness programme introduced to give advices about the advertising tendencies to the consumers

17. The possible exposure of the advertising message to one audience member,

a. impression

B. hit

c. grp

d. exposure rate

18. ‘Art’ in advertisement implies,

a. the whole visual presentation

B. the traditional or modern art forms used in an advertisement

c. graphics and animations used in an advertisement

d. the ambience created to present an idea through an advertisement

19. __________ suggest to the consumer that he or she can avoid some negativeexperience through the purchase and use of a product or through a change in behavior.

a. responsibility appeal

B. fear appeals

c. sex appeals

d. family appeals

20. Gross rating points (GRPs) are

a. reach multiplied by frequency

B. reach multiplied by rating

c. rating multiplied by frequency

d. cost divided by reach

21. Three common advertising appeals include

a. objectivity, timeliness and frequency

B. fear and humour

c. guilt, ego and enrichment

d. possessiveness, pride and social status

22. Most advertising messages are made up of two types of elements. They are

a. functional and persuasive

B. expository and persuasive

c. informational and persuasive

d. informational and creative

23. An advertising message usually focuses on

a. the models in the ad.

B. advantages of the product over competing ones

c. availability of the product

d. key benefits of the product that are important to the buyer

24. The primary purpose of a pioneering advertisement is to

a. promote a specific brand\s features and benefits

B. inform the target market

c. show one brand\s strengths relative to those of competitors

d. reinforce previous knowledge of a product

25. Information and persuasive content can be combined in the form of an appeal to

a. provide a basic reason for the consumer to act

B. explain guilt and enrichment

c. satisfy hierarchical needs

d. include perceptual modifiers and need enhancers


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