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1. India is a:

a. developed country

B. under developed country

c. developing country

d. none

2. The growth rate of Indian economy in 2012-13is:

a. 5%

B. 9%

c. 6.5%

d. 8.2%

3. Among the following states which has the highest PCI ?

a. goa

B. punjab

c. kerala

d. maharashtra

4. The Gross Domestic Saving as percent of GDP in 2011-12 in Indianeconomy is:

a. 32.3%

B. 35.1%

c. 34.5%

d. 30.8%

5. Which sector is considered as the work horse of Indian economy?

a. primary

B. secondary

c. tertiary

d. none

6. According to 2011 census the rate of urbanisation in India is:

a. 72.2%

B. 31.16%

c. 32.5%

d. 45.2%

7. Among the Indian states which has the highest density?

a. bengal

B. punjab

c. kerala

d. bihar

8. The crude literacy rate in India according to 2011 census is:

a. 64.83%

B. 82.14%

c. 65.46%

d. 74.04%

9. Relative poverty is basically related with

a. poor

B. rich

c. both

d. none

10. In 2008 Planning commission appointed a committee to estimate thepoverty in India under:

a. jain

B. sengupta

c. saxena

d. tendulkar

11. Which is the Year of Great Divide?

a. 1991

B. 1947

c. 1951

d. 1921

12. According to Mixed Recall period India’s Poverty in 2009-10 is

a. 36%

B. 27.5%

c. 29.8%

d. none

13. The sex ratio of Kerala in 2011is:

a. 1084

B. 1080

c. 1040

d. 1041

14. The sex ratio of India in 2011 is:

a. 961

B. 940

c. 980

d. none

15. The child sex ratio of India in 2011 is:

a. 913

B. 940

c. 961

d. none

16. TRYSEM was started in

a. 1996

B. 1990

c. 1980

d. 1979

17. For a rural person the minimum calorie needed to reach above povertyline is:

a. 2400 calorie

B. 2100 calorie

c. 1995 calorie

d. 2011 calorie

18. Which is an urban poverty eradication Programme?

a. jry

B. nregp

c. rlegp

d. nry

19. Which of the following is an urban employment generation programme?

a. mgnregs

B. sgsy

c. sjsry

d. pmgsy

20. The type unemployment more prominent in India is:

a. seasonal

B. cyclical

c. structural

d. open

21. India’s unemployment is estimated by the agency:

a. nsso

B. rbi

c. finance ministry

d. both (a)&(b)

22. The long term unemployment is measured by

a. usual status

B. current weekly status

c. current daily status

d. none

23. The most faithful measure of unemployment is:

a. usual status

B. current weekly status

c. current daily status

d. none

24. The ratio of unemployment in India in 2009-10 is:

a. 5.8

B. 6.6

c. 8.2

d. none

25. India’s rank according to HDI in 2012 is

a. 127

B. 134

c. 136

d. 124


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