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Political Ideas, Concepts and Ideologies Solved MCQs

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The exponent of legal theory ofRights.

A. green
B. locke
C. austin
D. rousseau
Answer» C. austin

Who said, "Rights are those conditions ofsocial life without which no man seek to be himself at his best"?

A. wilde
B. plato
C. locke
D. laski
Answer» D. laski

Who says,"a right is a claim recognized by societyand enforced by the state"?

A. aristotle
B. cicero
C. bosanquet
D. mill
Answer» C. bosanquet

Who said, "A right is a power claimed and recognized as contributory to common good"?

A. laski
B. t.h.green
C. aristotle
D. lord bryce
Answer» B. t.h.green

In pre-political state of human existence, there existed:

A. civil rights
B. political rights
C. natural rights
D. legal rights
Answer» C. natural rights

Who said that 'One's natural rights are one's natural power' ?

A. locke
B. rousseau
C. hobbes
D. laski
Answer» C. hobbes

Who wrotesthe book "the Rights of Man"?

A. edmundburke
B. thomas paine
C. locke
D. green
Answer» B. thomas paine

Rights have no validity without the recognitionof:

A. government
B. state
C. society
D. electorate
Answer» B. state

According to the historical theory of rights, rights are the result of:

A. evolution
B. human efforts
C. nation efforts
D. legislation
Answer» A. evolution

Who regarded, 'life ,liberty and property as inalienablerights of men'?

A. locke
B. aristotle
C. rousseau
D. hobbes
Answer» A. locke

The legal theory of rights points out that rights are created by:

A. state
B. society
C. community
D. nature
Answer» A. state

The theory of social welfare was expoundedby:

A. utilitarians
B. socialist
C. marxists
D. fabians
Answer» A. utilitarians

Who says, "Rights have nomeaning withoutsocial unity"?

A. bentham
B. laski
C. j. s. mill
D. deanpound
Answer» B. laski

Who are the chief exponents ofsocial welfare theory?

A. green
B. hegel
C. benthamand mill
D. locke
Answer» C. benthamand mill

Rousseau supportsthe idealist theory of Rights on the basis of:

A. morality
B. natural law
C. general will
D. socialconsciousness
Answer» C. general will

According to Green, the basis of rightsis:

A. legalsanction
B. legal recognition
C. commonmoral consciousness
D. gift of the state
Answer» C. commonmoral consciousness

Who put forward the economic theory ofrights:

A. locke
B. ricardo
C. karl marx
D. hitler
Answer» C. karl marx

According to Marxists, rights are:

A. privileges of all people
B. privileges of all classes
C. privileges of a particular class safe guarded by law
D. privileges for economically weakersections
Answer» C. privileges of a particular class safe guarded by law

.Right of equality before the law is :

A. political right
B. naturalright
C. civil right
D. legal right
Answer» C. civil right

Right to property is a :

A. political right
B. civil
C. natural
D. moral
Answer» B. civil

The term liberty has been drawn from the Latin word………

A. libel
B. lebour
C. liber
D. labal
Answer» C. liber

Who of the following was an advocate of positive liberty

A. lock
B. t.h. green
C. bentham
D. j.s. mill
Answer» B. t.h. green

The concept of natural liberty is associated with

A. hegal
B. locke
C. rousseau
D. hobbes
Answer» C. rousseau

Which theory deals with natural liberty.

A. divine origin theory
B. forcetheory
C. social contract theory
D. evolutionary theory
Answer» C. social contract theory

Who was the author of the book ‘ On Liberty’ ?

A. green
B. laski
C. j.s. mill
D. marx
Answer» C. j.s. mill
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