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Mass Media and Society Solved MCQs

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The word communication is derived from…………

A. greek word
B. spanish word
C. latin word
D. german word
Answer» C. latin word

……………..is the process whereby information is transmitted from a sender to a receiver.

A. interaction
B. communication
C. internalization
D. contact
Answer» B. communication

One who encodes the ideas by selecting words, symbols or gestures is called

A. sender
B. receiver
C. mediator
D. decoder
Answer» A. sender

The carrier of communication is called………….

A. receiver
B. sender
C. message
D. medium
Answer» D. medium

One who decodes the received message is called…………

A. receiver
B. sender
C. encoder
D. none of the above.
Answer» A. receiver

…………communication refers to communication between 3 or more individuals.

A. mass communication
B. group communication
C. intrapersonal communication
D. extra personal communication
Answer» B. group communication

Communication between human being and non human being is called……..

A. intrapersonal communication
B. group communication
C. extra personal communication
D. animal communication
Answer» C. extra personal communication

Which is not a function of mass media?

A. interpretation
B. socialization
C. entertainment
D. education
Answer» A. interpretation

The media which disseminate creative information through cultural and performance arts

A. folk media
B. face book
C. blog
D. internet
Answer» A. folk media

Which is not a folk media?

A. drama
B. poems
C. stories
D. computer
Answer» D. computer

Which is an electronic media?

A. story
B. drama
C. internet
D. poems
Answer» C. internet

”SITE” Means……….

A. satellite instructional television experiment
B. satellite institute & television experiment
C. satellite innovation television experiment
D. none of the above
Answer» A. satellite instructional television experiment

Which is the country’s first domestic communications satellite?

A. insat-1a
B. insat-1b
C. insat-1c
D. insat-1d
Answer» A. insat-1a

in which year Dadasaheb Phalke award for life time contributions to cinema, was instituted

A. 1969
B. 1989
C. 1979
D. 1959
Answer» A. 1969

Who is the father of Indian cinema?

A. sathyajith ray
B. j.c danial
C. dada sahib phalke
D. akira kurasova
Answer» C. dada sahib phalke

……….. is the space where individuals can interact & exchange ideas, using a global network?

A. cyber space
B. political space
C. social space
D. none of the above
Answer» A. cyber space

……………..is a social network of individuals who interact through specific social media?

A. urban community
B. virtual community
C. rural community
D. none of the above
Answer» B. virtual community

………………is a discussion or informational site published on the world wide web?

A. what’s app
B. face book
C. blog
D. skype
Answer» C. blog

…………… media are durable, heavy & difficult to move ?

A. time-biased media
B. space-biased media
C. virtual media
D. new media
Answer» A. time-biased media

Those media which are manageable & light & can be transported over large distances are called?

A. time-biased
B. space-biased media
C. virtual media
D. new media
Answer» B. space-biased media

Which is not an example for space-biased media?

A. clay tablets
B. paper
C. t v
D. internet
Answer» A. clay tablets

Which communication theorists viewed medium is the message?

A. harold innis
B. mc luhan
C. thompson
D. hebermas
Answer» B. mc luhan

……………… refers to the notion that electronic communications shrinks distances, while increasing opportunities for talks & cross cultural sharing?

A. cyber village
B. village community
C. gemeinschaft
D. global village
Answer» D. global village

The book “culture & society is written by …………….

A. raymond williams
B. hebermas
C. antony giddens
D. parsons
Answer» A. raymond williams

Who viewed culture as a “productive process”?

A. hebermas
B. antony gidders
C. parsons
D. raymond williams
Answer» D. raymond williams
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