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Personality Development Solved MCQs

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Which of the following statements is TRUE about Introverts?

A. introverts have lower level of arousal than extraverts for the same stimulus.
B. introverts can become overstimulated.
C. introverts are more easily conditioned to emotional stimuli than those high in neuroticism.
D. introverts are more impulsive than extraverts.
Answer» B. introverts can become overstimulated.

At what time of life does Erikson stage Industry vs. Inferiority occur?

A. old age
B. adolescence
C. infancy
D. school age
Answer» D. school age

If a young adult sees stealing as wrong because of the harm it brings to someone, which of Kolberg?s stages are they displaying?

A. punishment and obedience orientation
B. good boy?good girl orientation
C. legalistic orientation
D. social order orientation
Answer» C. legalistic orientation

Bob hasn?t missed a day of work since he started his job three years ago. Every morning he comes in with a smile on his face that remains there until he leaves. He works for a charity and it gives him great satisfaction to know that he?s helping others. He loves his job. Bob is most likely

A. a workaholic
B. driven by protestant work ethic
C. burned out
D. work enthusiast
Answer» D. work enthusiast

A relationship based on a previous friendship that developed into lovers is characteristic of what love style?

A. agape
B. storge
C. ludus
D. pragma
Answer» B. storge

A mother and her infant son are being tested by Aisworth?s Strange Situation procedure. After the mother has left and comes back onto the room the child acts like he is mad at the mother. This child is said to be?

A. secure
B. anxious
C. highly neurotic
D. avoidant
Answer» D. avoidant

Some people crave high levels of arousal through high levels of stimulation. They are said to be

A. sensation seekers
B. excitation transfers
C. securely attached
D. inhibited
Answer» A. sensation seekers

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a Protestant Work Ethic?

A. hard work
B. high in delay of gratification
C. do not value leisure
D. spend a lot of money
Answer» D. spend a lot of money

James Marcia?s 4 identity stages are:

A. diffusion, foreclosure, achievement, longitudinal achievement
B. diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, longitudinal achievement
C. identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, moratorium, identity achievement
D. identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, identity achievement, identity attachment
Answer» B. diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, longitudinal achievement

According to Erikson?s eight stages of psychosocial development, during which age does the psychological stage of trust vs. mistrust develop?

A. early childhood
B. infancy
C. adolescence
D. adulthood
Answer» B. infancy

Which one(s) is (are) myths about heredity?

A. if the heritability of a trait is high, it shows that society has had little influence on the trait
B. heredity means that the person will not change
C. if a trait is inherited, it will have similar effects in the various people who inherit it.
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

Which love style does this example fir? "I try to keep lover a little uncertain about my commitment to him/her".

A. pragma
B. agape
C. storge
D. ludus
Answer» D. ludus

Bill Clinton displays what form of political personality?

A. paranoid
B. passive-independent
C. active-independent
D. active-dependent
Answer» D. active-dependent

Which of the following would be true of birth order?

A. first born and only children are higher in achievement motivation
B. young children are more relation oriented.
C. having younger siblings increases power motivation.
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

Which of the following would be an evolved trait(s)?

A. tendency to overeat
B. quick response to danger
C. aggression in men
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

A "strange-situation" setting is developed in a lab. After a mother and her young child are playing and interacting with each other as they so often do, the mother suddenly leaves. The observer witnesses the child becoming hysterical and upset, and when the mother returns, the child will not let go of her. The child is said to be

A. securely attached
B. anxiously attached
C. avoidantly attached
D. completely attached
Answer» B. anxiously attached

Which of the following is a way to measure activity level in an infant?

A. how often they smile
B. how much they sleep
C. how much they want to be held
D. all of the above
Answer» B. how much they sleep

Ever since Roxanne could remember, she had always wanted to be an Olympic gymnast?never once had she suggested anything else! In grade school, she asked parents to send her to gymnast team. When her friend asked her to go to "career day", Roxanne said that she didn?t need to. According to Marcia, she is demonstrating

A. identity achievement
B. identity diffusion
C. identity foreclosure
D. moratorium
Answer» C. identity foreclosure

John and Jane have two children?Billy, 21 and Jerome who?s only 10. Which of the following statement is probably true?

A. billy has low n affil and high n ach
B. birth order has no impact on personality
C. jerome has high n ach and high n power
D. jerome?s personality will drastically change as he becomes older
Answer» A. billy has low n affil and high n ach

According to James Marcia, a person who has never doubted what they wanted to become and so never explored other options is considered to be

A. in moratorium
B. identity achieved
C. identity foreclosed
D. in identity diffusion status
Answer» C. identity foreclosed

Which one of the following descriptions is best associated with Protestant Work Ethic?

A. always attributes success to ability
B. tends to spend money a lot
C. belief in the value of hard work
D. take credit for the work of others
Answer» C. belief in the value of hard work

The identity status that Marcia came up with that involved the early acceptance of choice is what?

A. identity diffusion
B. identity foreclosure
C. moratorium
D. identity achievement
Answer» B. identity foreclosure

Which would stress the idea of delay of gratification?

A. workaholic
B. work enthusiast
C. protestant work ethic
D. perfectionist
Answer» C. protestant work ethic

Which style of love matches this statement "I try to keep my lover a little uncertain about my commitment to him/her"?

A. eros
B. ludus
C. storge
D. pragma
Answer» B. ludus

Kathryn Mazzaferro Of the following, which is not considered a delay of gratification?

A. receiving a decent job, but holding out for a job with more pay and better hours
B. going to college
C. wanting to buy an article of clothes, but instead waiting for it to go on sale
D. buying a national enquirer in the check out line at the grocery store
Answer» D. buying a national enquirer in the check out line at the grocery store
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