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E-Commerce Management Solved MCQs

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The internet is

A. web site
B. network of networks
C. host
D. server
Answer» B. network of networks

EDI is an early form of

A. traditional commerce
B. digital commerce
C. e-commerce
D. mobile commerce
Answer» C. e-commerce

E-commerce refers to paperless exchange of business information using

A. electronics data interchange
B. electronic mail
C. bulleting boards
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

EDI is a set of standards developed in

A. 1960’s
B. 1970’s
C. 1980’s
D. 1950’s
Answer» A. 1960’s

ASCX12 standards were established is

A. 1986
B. 1984
C. 1982
D. 1987
Answer» B. 1984

Today the largest electronic commerce is

A. b2b
B. b2e
C. p2p
D. all the above
Answer» A. b2b

Which is much helpful to do business beyond cultural and national boundaries

A. e-commerce
B. traditional commerce
C. mobile commerce
D. retailing
Answer» A. e-commerce

Which is not a feature of e-commerce

A. universal standard
B. global reach
C. ample information
D. retailing
Answer» D. retailing

Electronic exchange of business documents in a standard format is known as:

A. e commerce
B. e business
C. edi
D. none of these
Answer» C. edi

This is essentially a business process that connects manufactures retailers, customers and suppliers in the form of a chain to develop deliver products

A. e-commerce
B. edi
C. scm
D. net working
Answer» C. scm

EDI stands for

A. electric data interface
B. electronic data interchange
C. electronic data interface
D. name of these
Answer» B. electronic data interchange

Both buyers and sellers actively participate and exchange products services in

A. scm
B. edi
C. e-commerce
D. traditional commerce
Answer» D. traditional commerce

Bargaining is possible only in ………… business model

A. traditional commerce
B. e commerce
C. m commerce
D. name of these
Answer» A. traditional commerce

In e- Commerce , they can not explore the stores shelves and product space. They can only search a

A. electronic items
B. specific copy
C. digital catalogue
D. none
Answer» C. digital catalogue

……………………………. Refers to companies for which internet is one of several channels to customers and perhaps not even the primary one

A. traditional commerce
B. e- commerce
C. edi
D. none of these
Answer» B. e- commerce

E commerce refers to

A. direct buying
B. retailing
C. scm
D. online transaction
Answer» D. online transaction

E – commerce firms ……………………..large inventory

A. need not stock
B. need stock
C. need to stock
D. non of these
Answer» A. need not stock

EDI cannot be implemented ……………… but requires the co-operation of trading partners

A. unilaterally
B. bilaterally
C. multilaterally
D. all the above
Answer» A. unilaterally

EDI soft ware translates the information

A. from structured to unstructured format
B. from unstructured to structured format
C. from structured to semi structured format
D. non of these
Answer» B. from unstructured to structured format

Components of SCM system includes

A. scm software and hardware
B. business processes
C. users
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Which aspects include in supply chain planning

A. demand forecasting
B. inventory simulation
C. manufacturing planning
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Supply chain execution is the process of putting supply chain planning in to …………….

A. action
B. operation
C. maintenance
D. control
Answer» A. action

The cost of participating in a public exchange is significantly …………….. than implementing out own SCM systems

A. higher
B. lower
C. medium
D. non
Answer» B. lower

Which of the following are not a drawback of public B2B exchanges

A. lack of customization
B. limited supper participants
C. customers satisfaction
D. non
Answer» C. customers satisfaction

Essential elements needed to develop successful business model in any field are…………………….

A. value proposition
B. revenue model
C. competitive advantage
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above
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