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1. The countries who engaged in cold war were-----

a. USA-Japan


c. US-Britain

d. Italy-Germany

2. The cold war ended with the dissolution of -----

a. Germany


c. UK


3. The period of cold war was in between-----

a. 1945 - 1949

B. 1945 - 1991

c. 1918 - 1949

d. 1962 – 1990

4. The year of Cuban missile crisis was-----

a. 1945

B. 1953

c. 1962

d. 1973

5. Who used the term ‘cold war’ for the first time?

a. Bernard Baruch

B. Winston Churchill

c. Walter Lippman

d. George Orwell

6. Cold war was-----

a. an open war

B. an ideological war

c. a nuclear war

d. war with modern weapons

7. Which nation supplied the ‘Mujahadeens’ of Afghanistan with weapons?

a. USR


c. China

d. Pakistan

8. The word’ Detente’ means-----

a. stoppage of war

B. tie between nations

c. relaxation of tension

d. intensive war

9. Manhattan project is related with-----

a. Missiles

B. Atom-bombs

c. Hiroshima issue

d. Afghan invasion

10. Arms race is a feature of ------

a. 1st world war

B. 2nd world war

c. cold war

d. India-China war

11. ICBM stands for-----

a. International Continental Ballistic Missile

B. Inter Ceptal Ballistic Missile

c. International Controlling Ballistic Missile

d. Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

12. The bombard in Nagasaki took place on-----

a. 6th August 1945

B. 9th August 1945

c. 6th May 1949

d. 9th October 1945

13. Militarisation of space is otherwise known as-----

a. Military space programme

B. Star wars programme

c. Military war programme

d. US space programme

14. The term Non-alignment itself was coined by-----

a. Nehru

B. Chou Enlai

c. Kenneth Kaunda

d. Nasser

15. Perestroika and Glasnost was the reforms put forward by------

a. Gorbachev

B. George Bush

c. Reagan

d. Kennedy

16. The star wars programme was the idea of -----

a. Reagan

B. Clinton

c. Kennedy

d. Nixon

17. Glasnost means-------

a. Restructure

B. Repetition

c. Openness

d. Overproduction

18. In which conference NAM took its birth?

a. Kuala Lumpur

B. Doha

c. Bandung

d. Katmandu

19. ‘To keep away from the power blocks’ are the idea of ------

a. NAM


c. UN


20. 16th NAM summit took place in-------

a. London

B. Singapore

c. Tehran

d. Brunei

21. Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in the year?

a. 1924

B. 1948

c. 1945

d. 1991

22. The world Human Rights day is-----

a. December 10

B. November 26

c. October 29

d. September 5

23. The country which hosted the CHOGUM summit 2011 is-----

a. India

B. Srilanka

c. Singapore

d. Perth

24. Who got the Nobel Prize for peace in 2012?




d. Obama

25. Which international organization formed with Maastricht Treaty?

a. EU





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