Contemporary Issues in International Politics solved MCQs

26. The Head Quarters of EU at----

a. Beijing

B. Belgium

c. Brazil

d. Bahrain

27. The idea of SAARC was put forward by ------

a. Nehru

B. Zia-Ur-Rahman

c. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

d. Khaleda Zia

28. GATT was signed in Geneva in the year of-----

a. 1947

B. 1945

c. 1948

d. 1946

29. Name of the conference in which it is decided to transform GATT itself into a new world trade body called WTO is ---------

a. Uruguay Round

B. Doha Round

c. Singapore Round

d. US Round

30. IMF was established in the year of------

a. 1924

B. 1944

c. 1945

d. 1948

31. Which was the last of 8 members to the SAARC?

a. India

B. Myanmar

c. Afghanistan

d. Pakistan

32. Which treaty allows only underground test of nuclear weapons?

a. NPT



d. BWC

33. Which of the following countries are the signatories of Simla agreement in1972?

a. India-china

B. India-Pakistan

c. India-Bangladesh

d. Pakistan-Bangladesh

34. UNEP stands for-----

a. United Nations Economic Program

B. United Nation’s Earth Program

c. United Nation’s Environment Program

d. United Nation’s Education Program

35. Among the following which was aimed to prevention of further depletion ofozone layer----

a. Izmir treaty

B. Montréal protocol

c. outer space treaty

d. Antarctic treaty

36. The name of US president who has signed SALT 1 is ---------

a. Nixon

B. Jimmy carter

c. Bill Clinton

d. Kennedy

37. Among the following which is not a part of World Bank System?



c. IMF


38. Which of the following is known as Britton wood twins?





39. The number of permanent members to UN Security Council is -----

a. 5

B. 15

c. 10

d. 20

40. The UN was came into existence on -----------

a. 24th October 1924

B. 12th October 1924

c. 24th October 1945

d. 12th October 1945

41. Which American president introduced the Guam Doctrine?

a. Richard Nixon

B. Johnson

c. Kennedy

d. Eisenhower

42. The purpose of Guam doctrine was to------

a. resolve Vietnam issue

B. solve Cuban issue

c. solve Berlin issue

d. defeat USSR

43. The boundary line between north and South Korea is ------

a. MC Mahon line

B. 49th parallel line

c. 38th parallel line

d. Maginot line

44. The boundary line between India &china is ---------

a. Durand line

B. Radcliff

c. Mc Mahon

d. Maginot line

45. America’s foreign policy of providing economic and military aid to Greece and Turkey who were threatened by communism is known as ---

a. Marshall plan

B. Truman doctrine

c. Camp David accord

d. European recovery program

46. The American program to aid Europe where the US gave monitory supportto help and rebuild European economies after the end of world war 2nd in order to prevent the spread of soviet communism is -------

a. Marshall plan

B. Truman doctrine

c. Monroe doctrine

d. Eisenhower

47. The period of Korean War was in between_______

a. 1950-53

B. 1953-56

c. 1945-53

d. 1948-1950

48. The nationalization of Suez Canal was in the year of _____

a. 1950

B. 1953

c. 1956

d. 1958

49. The Egyptian ruler who nationalized Suez Canal is _____

a. Gamal Abdul Nasser

B. Titto

c. ElBaradei

d. Mohammed Murzi

50. What is the short name for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development?

a. Rio+20

B. G-20


d. Sustainable development program


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