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1. In Reverse Polish notation, expression A*B+C*D is written as

a. ab*cd*+

B. a*bcd*+

c. ab*cd+*

d. a*b*cd+

2. SIMD represents an organization that ______________.

a. refers to a computer system capable of processing several programs at the same time.

B. represents organization of single computer containing a control unit, processor unit and a memory unit.

c. includes many processing units under the supervision of a common control unit

d. none of the above.

3. Floating point representation is used to store

a. boolean values

B. whole numbers

c. real integers

d. integers

4. the number of cycles required for transfer stayed the same what would the bandwidth of the bus?

a. 1 megabyte/sec

B. 4 megabytes/sec

c. 8 megabytes/sec

d. 2 megabytes/sec

5. Assembly language

a. uses alphabetic codes in place of binary numbers used in machine language

B. is the easiest language to write programs

c. need not be translated into machine language

d. none of these

6. In computers, subtraction is generally carried out by

a. 9’s complement

B. 10’s complement

c. 1’s complement

d. 2’s complement

7. The amount of time required to read a block of data from a disk into memory is composed of seek time, rotational latency, and transfer time. Rotational latency refers to

a. the time its takes for the platter to make a full rotation

B. the time it takes for the read-write head to move into position over the appropriate track

c. the time it takes for the platter to rotate the correct sector under the head

d. none of the above

8. What characteristic of RAM memory makes it not suitable for permanent storage?

a. too slow

B. unreliable

c. it is volatile

d. too bulky

9. Computers use addressing mode techniques for _____________________.

a. giving programming versatility to the user by providing facilities as pointers to memory counters for loop control

B. to reduce no. of bits in the field of instruction

c. specifying rules for modifying or interpreting address field of the instruction

d. all the above

10. The circuit used to store one bit of data is known as

a. register

B. encoder

c. decoder

d. flip flop

11. (2FAOC) 16 is equivalent to

a. (195 084) 10

B. (001011111010 0000 1100) 2

c. both (a) and (b)

d. none of these

12. The average time required to reach a storage location in memory and obtain its contents is called the

a. seek time

B. turnaround time

c. access time

d. transfer time

13. Which of the following is not a weighted code?

a. decimal number system

B. excess 3-cod

c. binary number system

d. none of these

14. The idea of cache memory is based

a. on the property of locality of reference

B. on the heuristic 90-10 rule

c. on the fact that references generally tend to cluster

d. all of the above

15. The addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD X Y, is

a. absolute

B. indirect

c. index

d. none of these

16. If memory access takes 20 ns with cache and 110 ns with out it, then the ratio (cache uses a 10 ns memory) is

a. 93%

B. 90%

c. 88%

d. 87%

17. In a memory-mapped I/O system, which of the following will not be there?

a. lda

B. in

c. add

d. out

18. In a vectored interrupt.

a. the branch address is assigned to a fixed location in memory.

B. the interrupting source supplies the branch information to the processor through an interrupt vector.

c. the branch address is obtained from a register in the processor

d. none of the above

19. Von Neumann architecture is

a. sisd

B. simd

c. mimd

d. misd

20. The circuit used to store one bit of data is known as

a. encoder

B. or gate

c. flip flop

d. decoder

21. Cache memory acts between

a. cpu and ram

B. ram and rom

c. cpu and hard disk

d. none of these

22. Write Through technique is used in which memory for updating the data

a. virtual memory

B. main memory

c. auxiliary memory

d. cache memory

23. Generally Dynamic RAM is used as main memory in a computer system as it

a. consumes less power

B. has higher speed

c. has lower cell density

d. needs refreshing circuitary

24. In signed-magnitude binary division, if the dividend is (11100) 2 and divisor is (10011) 2 then the result is

a. (00100) 2

B. (10100) 2

c. (11001) 2

d. (01100) 2

25. Virtual memory consists of

a. static ram

B. dynamic ram

c. magnetic memory

d. none of these


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