Advance Marketing Management 2 Solved MCQs


Marketing utility consists of ________.

A. Price.
B. Place, price.
C. Product, place, price and profit.
D. Product, Price, place, promotion
Answer» D. Product, Price, place, promotion

A place for buying and selling activities is called ________.

A. Market.
B. Marketing.
C. Market research.
D. Market information.
Answer» A. Market.

The exchange value of a good service in terms of money is_________.

A. Price.
B. Product.
C. Buying.
D. Selling.
Answer» A. Price.

Selling the same product at different prices is known as________.

A. Price lining.
B. Dual pricing.
C. Geographical pricing.
D. Monopoly pricing.
Answer» B. Dual pricing.

The words used to convey the advertisement idea is ____________.

A. Advertisement.
B. Advertisement Research.
C. Advertisement copy.
D. Advertisement budget
Answer» C. Advertisement copy.

Advertisement promotes_________.

A. . Purchases.
B. Production.
C. Sales.
D. Price.
Answer» C. Sales.

Agricultural products are_________.

A. Perishable.
B. Highly priced.
C. Low quality products.
D. Heterogeneous goods
Answer» D. Heterogeneous goods

The social aspect of marketing is to ensure_________.

A. Price.
B. Demand.
C. Low price with high quality.
D. Service goods.
Answer» C. Low price with high quality.

The orange juice manufacturers know that orange juice is most often consumed in the mornings. However, they would like to change this and make the drink acceptable during other time periods during the day. Which form of segmentation would they need to work with and establish strategy reflective of their desires?

A. Gender segmentation.
B. Benefit segmentation
C. Occasion segmentation.
D. Age and life cycle segmentation
Answer» C. Occasion segmentation.

The typical method of retail operation used by supermarkets and catalog showrooms is called:

A. Self service retailing.
B. Limited service retailing.
C. Full service retailing.
D. Service merchandiser.
Answer» C. Full service retailing.

Marketing creates profit by creating _____ to the buyer.

A. Value.
B. Money.
C. Product.
D. Price.
Answer» A. Value.

_____ needs the interest of the buyer.

A. Product.
B. Sales.
C. Production.
D. Manufacturing.
Answer» A. Product.

_____ includes the configuration of benefits, value, cost and satisfaction

A. Demand.
B. Innovation.
C. Creativity.
D. Invention.
Answer» D. Invention.

All companies strive to build _____ strength.

A. Brand.
B. Image.
C. Customer.
D. Employee
Answer» A. Brand.

Which one of the following is not one of the P s of marketing?

A. Product.
B. Price.
C. Place.
D. Production.
Answer» D. Production.

. Which of the following best identifies how marketing must be understood today?

A. Satisfy customer needs.
B. Marketing.
C. Selling.
D. Behaviour.
Answer» A. Satisfy customer needs.

A _____ is a trade of vale between two or more parties.

A. Transaction.
B. Exchange.
C. Transfer.
D. Prospecting.
Answer» A. Transaction.

Which concept holds that consumers will not buy enough of organizations product unless it takes large scale selling and promotion effort?

A. Marketing.
B. Selling.
C. Production.
D. Product.
Answer» B. Selling.

_____ includes that other company s offering similar products & services to the same customer at similar prices.

A. Supply Chain.
B. Competition.
C. Product.
D. Price
Answer» B. Competition.

_____ consists of a group of customers who share a similar set of wants

A. Micro Marketing
B. Mass Marketing.
C. Market Segment.
D. Market targeting.
Answer» A. Micro Marketing

The starting point for discussing segmentation is _____.

A. Segregation.
B. Positioning.
C. Both.
D. None
Answer» A. Segregation.

Need become _____ when they are directed to specific objects that might satisfy the need.

A. Wants
B. Needs
C. Demand.
D. Flexibility.
Answer» A. Wants

A marketer is someone seeking a response from another party called _____.

A. Marketer.
B. Prospect.
C. Supplier.
D. Distributor.
Answer» B. Prospect.

_____ are wants for specific products that are backed up an ability and willingness to buy them.

A. Demand.
B. Wants.
C. Needs.
D. Desire.
Answer» A. Demand.

Which is intangible among the following?

A. Product.
B. Services.
C. Products & services.
D. Sales.
Answer» B. Services.
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