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1. In Production Management, at every next level some _______ is added tothe previous level.

a. income

B. profit

c. loss

d. value

2. ___________ is one of the objective of Production Management.

a. right person

B. right cost

c. right quantity

d. continuous process

3. __________ is responsible for all the activities related to production of goodsand services.

a. production person

B. production workers

c. production personnel

d. production manager

4. ________ is one of the most important factor, required for productionactivities.

a. money

B. man-power

c. time

d. customer

5. _________ is one of the quality of Production Manager.

a. quickness

B. sympathy

c. timeliness

d. integrated

6. The Production Manager, is also responsible for maintaining a specific______ of the product.

a. quality

B. size

c. price

d. ability.

7. Production Manager must have __________ on wastages.

a. notice

B. choice

c. control

d. plan

8. ___________ system is one of the type of Production System.

a. non-flow

B. intermittent

c. assembly lines

d. periodical

9. __________ is a characteristic of good product design.

a. functionality

B. size

c. price

d. quantity

10. The product design should be as per the customer’s _________.

a. price

B. requirements

c. desire’s

d. quality

11. Factors affecting Product Design includes _______ and ______ perspectives.

a. customer & price

B. customer & production

c. customer & organization

d. quality & quantity

12. ________ is one of the parts of product policy of an organization.

a. product modification

B. product quantity

c. product quality

d. product development

13. ___________ is concerned with developing specific course of action forproduction system.

a. production plant

B. production planning

c. production time

d. production system

14. __________ quality of production manager allows, him to adapt to changingsituations.

a. intelligence

B. flexibility

c. sympathy

d. imagination

15. Production manager, should be a ________ person, which will enable himto do various innovative functions, in a well-planned manner.

a. enthusiasm

B. interested

c. self-control

d. flexibility

16. __________ is the process which helps in determining, where the plantshould be located, for maximum operating economy and effectiveness.

a. plant layout

B. plant design

c. plant location

d. plant arrangement

17. __________ is the process of, creating a new product, which is to be sold bya business or enterprise to its customers.

a. modification

B. diversification

c. development

d. eliminate

18. __________ is the 2nd stage in Product Life Cycle.

a. introduction

B. maturity

c. growth

d. decline

19. Materials should be made available at right quantity, right place, rightprice and at right __________.

a. size

B. time

c. forecast

d. features

20. In Manufacturing a product, cost can be kept within, control through_________ reduction.

a. profit

B. loss

c. wastage

d. time

21. Better _________ of the product improves consumers satisfaction , thisenhances the goodwill of the organization.

a. quantity

B. quality

c. shape

d. variations

22. ___________ is a common measure of how well a country, industry, orbusiness unit is using its resources (or factors of production).

a. production system

B. productivity

c. effectiveness

d. competition

23. _________ is one of the importance of Productivity.

a. to beat the competition

B. to beat the price

c. to beat the time

d. to beat the system

24. The term Ergonomics, is derived from _________ word.

a. latin

B. greek

c. spanish

d. japanese

25. ___________ is the science of designing, the job equipments & workplaceto fit the workers.

a. economics

B. ergonomics

c. productivity

d. psychology


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