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1. ____________or a combination of these, that is intended to identify the products or services of one business or group of businesses and to differentiate them from those of competitor

a. A name, a term, a symbol or a design

B. A name, a term, a symbol or a Logo

c. A name, a brand, a symbol or a design

d. A name, a quality, a symbol or a design

2. Uniformity is the ________

a. Father of branding

B. Mother of branding

c. Necessity of Branding

d. Must for branding

3. The modern word Brand is derived from the word ______________

a. Trademarked products

B. Goods

c. Brandr

d. . Burning

4. Brand are short hand for …

a. Trust

B. Belief

c. Trade

d. Copy

5. The importance of branding is

a. It helps others

B. It helps with identity

c. It helps organization

d. It helps to begin

6. Pears -Glycerine - Tide - Whiteness , TATA trust are examples of

a. Core identity

B. Brand Symbol

c. Extended identity

d. Brand equity

7. It is one of the Brand Identity structure

a. Brand Association

B. Extended Identity

c. Brand Image

d. Brand Symbol

8. It can be used to communicate the identity of the brand with a quicker recognition and recall

a. . Brand Building

B. Symbols

c. Brand Image

d. Brand positioning

9. It represents the timeless essence of the brand

a. Core identity

B. Extended identity

c. Brand equity

d. Brand Symbol

10. Nescafe has been trying to establish itself as a morning beverage the taste that gets you started is one of the examples of

a. Usage occasion

B. Quality

c. Product Scope

d. Country of Origin

11. But positioning is not what you do to the product. Positioning is what you do the mind of the prospects was defined by

a. David aaker

B. Kevin Keller

c. Al Ries & Jack Trout

d. Philip Kotler

12. _________or product market can be defined as the set of products and brands which are perceived as substitutes to satisfy some specific consumer need.

a. Product attribute

B. Product class

c. Positioning

d. Personality

13. Target market and positioning strategies are like the -------

a. Same

B. Opposite

c. Two side of coin

d. Different

14. Garam Kapde rahein naye jaise is the tagline of ….

a. Ezzee


c. Lux

d. Pears

15. Medimix soap is positioned as herbal soap. It is

a. To differentiate the product

B. To differentiate customers

c. To trade

d. To market

16. Cadburys Dairy Milk – From children to adult ( kuch meeta ho jay) is an example of

a. Changing the product

B. Changing the target market

c. Changing the packaging

d. Changing competitors

17. __________as a set of human characteristics associated with a brand.

a. Brand Equity

B. Brand positioning

c. Brand personality

d. Brand image

18. It can be primary drivers of a brand personality

a. Product-related characteristics

B. Brand - related characteristics

c. Image -related characteristics

d. Equity -related characteristics

19. _________can be based on either typical users (people you see using the brand) or idealized users (as portrayed in advertising and elsewhere)

a. Brand personality

B. User Imagery

c. Brand Image

d. Brand symbol

20. Amul - Master Chef India , Dream 11 IPL , FBB Miss India are examples

a. User Imagery

B. Sponsorship

c. Event

d. Road Show

21. ____ has proposed the Big Five theory of brand personality.

a. Richard Aaker

B. . AmeySchiffman

c. Jennifer Aaker

d. David Loudon

22. Which one from the below is not a brand-related characteristic of brand personality.

a. Country of origin

B. Product Category

c. Product Package

d. Product Price

23. Maggi introducing atta noodles, no onion noodles, chicken noodle, cheese noodle. is the strategy of _____.

a. Line extension

B. Brand extension

c. User Imagery

d. Brand Identity

24. Dove as a brand has leveraging; strategy Dove soap, Dove shampoo and conditioner, Dove body lotion. In this case Dove is known as ____ brand.

a. Family brand

B. Vertical extension strategy

c. . Ad-hoc branding strategy

d. Line extension

25. It is one of the strategies of brand extension

a. Maggi Noodle

B. Maggie atta noodle

c. Maggi oats noodle

d. Maggi masala noodle


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