Advertising and sales Management solved MCQs

1. DAGMAR Model was developed by

a. w. stanton

B. p.drucker

c. k.davis

d. r.colley

2. Strategy of running an advertising campaign over long term is

a. continuous

B. intermittent

c. short

d. reminder

3. Advertising mainly impacts consumers

a. physically

B. intellectually

c. psychologically

d. sociologically

4. A self regulatory body in advertising is

a. ibm

B. asci

c. aida

d. ibf

5. Harmful/ Banned products of similar names are used inwhich advertising

a. rural

B. to children

c. surrogate

d. mass

6. Tata Tea Jaago Rey is an eg. Of which type of advertising

a. political

B. rural

c. green

d. social

7. Case study method analyses

a. reports

B. programs

c. cases

d. budgets

8. Job offer refers to

a. interview sheet

B. application

c. report

d. offer letter

9. Estimation of sales is facilitated by

a. budget

B. audit

c. control

d. report

10. In setting sales goals SMART means specific, realistic,achievable, timebound and

a. mean

B. measurable

c. mode

d. modern

11. Any paid form of non-personal and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identifiedsponsor is called …………….?

a. Sales promotion

B. Direct marketing

c. Personal selling

d. Advertising

12. Advertising …………… define the task that advertising must accomplish with a specific target audience during a specific period of time.

a. Objectives

B. Budgets

c. Strategies

d. Campaign

13. What is one of the primary goals of reminder advertising?

a. Maintain customer relationship

B. Build brand preference

c. Restore company image

d. Correct false impression

14. A product in the maturity stage will often require …………… advertising?

a. Informative

B. Persuasive

c. Reminder

d. Co-operative

15. Product placement in the television programmes and movies is an example of ……………..

a. Branded entertainment

B. Advertainment

c. Brand contact

d. Pulsing

16. What is the first element that a reader notices in a print add?

a. Copy

B. Illustration

c. Headlines

d. Slogan

17. …………… is a measure of percentage of people in the target market who are exposed to thead campaign during a given period of time?

a. Reach

B. Qualitative value

c. Format

d. Premium

18. The internet, direct mail, magazine and radio, all offers advertisers which of the followingadvantages.

a. Audience selectivity

B. Low cost

c. Credibility

d. Flexibility

19. The advertiser must decide on the …………… or decided media impact, of a message in aspecific medium.

a. Reach

B. Illustration

c. Qualitative value

d. Frequency

20. For many years ……….. have dominated the media mix used by national advertisers.

a. Radio & TV

B. TV & Magazines

c. Newspaper & Direct mail

d. Radio & Digital media

21. Sales …………….. encourages a sales force to make a selling effort that is above and beyond thenormal expectations.

a. Contest

B. Quotas

c. Meetings

d. Plans

22. Sales person’s ………….. is often related to how well he or she meets a sales quota.

a. Profit sharing plan

B. Compensation

c. Sales report

d. Expense report

23. A(n) ………….. . is a sales persons write up of his or her completed sales activities.

a. Call plan

B. Call report

c. Sales report

d. Expense plan

24. The sales person meets the customer for the first time in the ……… step of the selling process.

a. Prospecting

B. Qualifying

c. Pre-approach

d. Approach

25. According to a survey of purchases ……………. And ………….. skill are the most importantquality for a sales person?

a. Listening ; problem solving

B. Presentation ; listening

c. Concern into interpersonal

d. Presentation ; problem solving


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