Entrepreneurship Solved MCQs


An entrepreneur who starts business with the help of natural talent is called

A. )Pure entrepreneur
B. Included entrepreneur
C. Spontaneous entrepreneur
D. Motivated entrepreneur .
Answer» C. Spontaneous entrepreneur

A training program which is instrumental in making a person successful entrepreneur is known as

A. Technical consultancy
B. Entrepreneurial development program
C. Self employment training
D. Achievement motivation training.
Answer» B. Entrepreneurial development program

D I C stands for

A. District industrial centre
B. district industries centre
C. District industrial council
D. district industrial committee.
Answer» B. district industries centre

The govt. of India has defined woman entrepreneur s on the basis of

A. their participation in the equity and employment of business enterprise.
B. Their participation in employment
C. .Their personal assets and savings
D. Their job satisfaction and achievement.
Answer» A. their participation in the equity and employment of business enterprise.

An entrepreneur who introduces new goods technology and better combination of an enterprise is an --------------------- entrepreneur.

A. Fabian
B. Innovative
C. Drone
D. Cognitive
Answer» B. Innovative

The ---------------- entrepreneur draws up the advise and services of experts and introduces changes that reflects a complete break up from the existing of things.

A. Cognitive
B. Empirical
C. Retail
D. Rational.
Answer» A. Cognitive

An entrepreneur who is a dynamic person and is interested in establishing a business enterprise is called --------------------- entrepreneur.

A. Technical
B. Trading
C. Professional
D. First generation.
Answer» C. Professional

A------------------------- entrepreneur is a “Craftsman” .

A. Motivate
B. Spontaneous
C. Classical
D. Technical
Answer» D. Technical

--------------------- entrepreneur is an individual who plans, develops and manages a corporate enterprise.

A. Busines
B. Corporate
C. Service
D. Induced.
Answer» B. Corporate

A person who owns , operate and takes risk of a business venture.

A. Manager
B. Employee
C. Entrepreneur
D. Entrepreneurship.
Answer» C. Entrepreneur

The primary motivating force behind entrepreneur is.

A. Fame
B. Money
C. Achievement
D. Recognition.
Answer» B. Money

Who can become an entrepreneur?

A. Only a graduate
B. Only a rich man
C. People above 30 years
D. Anyone.
Answer» D. Anyone.

People who work for someone else.

A. Director
B. Employee
C. Entrepreneur
D. Owner.
Answer» B. Employee

---------------------- is the most important function of an entrepreneur according to Schumpeter.

A. Innovation
B. Organizing
C. managing
D. Exploring the market opportunities.
Answer» A. Innovation

------------------------ has a vital role in the economic growth of a country.

A. Manager
B. Employee
C. Entrepreneur
D. Entrepreneur.
Answer» D. Entrepreneur.

------------------------Urges a person to move or behave.

A. Risk bearing capacity
B. Motivation
C. Training
D. Objectives.
Answer» B. Motivation

An ------------------ is his own boss.

A. Entrepreneur
B. Entrepreneur
C. Manager
D. Director.
Answer» B. Entrepreneur

who introduces the “Theory of need achievent”.

A. M.C. Dell and
B. Maslow
C. A.H.Cole
D. Schumpeter.
Answer» A. M.C. Dell and

Who introduces the need hierarchy theory?

A. Hagen
B. Schumpeter
C. Maslow
D. Dan hot.
Answer» C. Maslow

Innovation means --------------------.

A. Invention
B. Creating something new
C. Imagination
D. None of these.
Answer» B. Creating something new

There are ------------------------ basic elements in the process of motivation.

A. 5
B. 2
C. 6
D. 3.
Answer» D. 3.

The word entrepreneur is derived from the --------------- word.

A. Latin
B. French
C. Greek
D. None of these .
Answer» B. French

----------------- is a situation where the individuals do not get any jobs.

A. Unemployment
B. Under employment
C. Employment
D. none of these.
Answer» A. Unemployment

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a project?

A. Capital investment is an inevitable part
B. It is a scientifically evolved plan to achieves an oblective.
C. Project identification
D. project preparation.
Answer» C. Project identification

The 1st stage in a project cycle is.

A. project evaluation
B. project appraisal
C. project identification
D. project preparation.
Answer» C. project identification
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