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chapter:   Introduction

1. Which of the following joint have high corrosion resistance?

a. Welding joint

B. Riveted joint

c. Bolted joint

d. None of the above

2. The metals having good weldability, in descending order are

a. cast steel, iron, carbonsteel, castiron

B. carbon steel, iron, cast steel, castiron

c. iron, carbonsteel, cast steel, castiron

d. castiron, iron, carbon steel, cast steel

3. Which of the following is not included in weldability?

a. Ability of mechanical soundness

B. Serviceability of joint

c. Strain relieving brittleness

d. Metallurgical compatibility of metal

4. On which of the following factor, does weldability not depend?

a. Boiling point

B. Melting point

c. Thermal expansion

d. Thermal conductivity

5. Which ofthe following is not away of correcting the metalwhich does not have good weldability properties?

a. Procedure of welding

B. Provision of fluxing material

c. Provision of filler material

d. Procedure of adding filler materials

6. Which of the following is an example of plastic welding?

a. Gas welding

B. Arc welding

c. Forge welding

d. Thermit welding

7. Which of the following is an example of fusion welding?

a. Arc welding

B. Forge welding

c. Resistance welding

d. Thermit welding with pressure

8. Which ofthe followingwelding process is usedforweldingof sheetmetals in automobile and air craft industries?

a. Shield metal arc welding

B. Gas tungsten arc welding

c. Thermit welding

d. Resistance welding

9. In which of the following process, heat is created by blacksmith fire

a. Forge welding

B. Spot welding

c. Projection welding

d. Seam welding

10. The voltage needed in resistance welding does not depend upon

a. Composition

B. Area

c. Thickness of weld

d. Length of weld

11. In resistance welding, two electrodes are made of

a. Aluminium

B. Copper

c. Iron

d. Bronze

12. Arc welding machine uses only D.C. supply.

a. True

B. False

c. all

d. none

13. The negative pole of the electrode burns away faster than the positive pole.

a. True

B. False

c. all

d. none

14. Which of the following is affected by weld contour?

a. Fatigue

B. Creep

c. Highpressureproperty

d. Lowpressureproperty

15. Which of the following materials are not suited for cold welding?

a. Brass

B. Steel

c. Silver

d. Gold

16. Match the following
1. Seam welding 1.rods and pipes of uniform cross section
2. Butt welding 2. Welding satellite tips to tools
3. Percussion welding 3. ERWpipeswelding
Which of the following is true?

a. 1-3, 2-2, 3-1

B. 1-3, 2-1, 3-2

c. 1-2, 2-3, 3-1

d. 1-2, 2-1,3-3

17. What is the capacity of an automatic welding machine?

a. 100 to200A

B. 300 to 400A

c. 500 to700A

d. 800 to 3000A

18. What is the capacity of a light manual welding machine?

a. 100 to200A

B. 300 to 400A

c. 500 to700A

d. 60 amp to 500 amp

19. What is the efficiency of an A.C. welding transformer?

a. 0.6

B. 0.7

c. 0.8

d. 0.9

20. What is the amount of electric energy required per kg in dc welding operation?

a. 1-4 kWh

B. 3-7 kWh

c. 4-9 kWh

d. 6-10 kWh

21. During fabrication joining of two or more components are ___

a. Temporarily

B. Permanently

c. Temporarily or permanently both

d. None of the above

22. During fabrication which processes are included

a. Welding

B. Brazing

c. Soldering

d. All of the above

23. The Weldability of the metals in descending order

a. Iron, Steel, Cast iron, Low Alloy steel

B. Steel, Cast iron, Iron, Low Alloy steel

c. Iron, Cast iron, steel, low Alloy steel

d. Steel, Iron, Cast iron, Low Alloy steel

24. The Weldability of the metals in Ascending order

a. Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Steel

B. Low Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel

c. Stainless Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, Steel

d. Stainless Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Steel, Cast Iron

25. During the welding power require to produce arc to join the metals are

a. Low voltage low ampere

B. Low voltage high ampere

c. High voltage low ampere

d. High voltage high ampere


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